2000kg Glass Lifter Machine Electric Manual Vacuum Glass Lifter

2000kg Glass Lifter Machine Electric Manual Vacuum Glass Lifter

2000kg glass lifter device electric powered guide vacuum glass lifter


Operating theory of vacuum lifter:

The vacuum chuck is related to the vacuum equipment (this sort of as vacuum pump) via the manual pipe, and then it contacts the workpiece to be lifted (this kind of as glass, steel plate, etc.), starts off the vacuum equipment suction, so as to generate damaging stress in the chuck, so that the workpiece to be lifted can be absorbed firmly, and then the workpiece to be lifted can be moved.When the workpiece to be lifted to the vacation spot, by means of the hand slide valve, make the vacuum chuck from unfavorable strain to zero force or slightly positive strain, the vacuum chuck will be taken out from the workpiece to be lifted, thus completing the activity of lifting the moving elements.

Primary parameters of glass vacuum lifter

product&model dimensions sucker diameter sucker amount power technique management product saftey loading useless load
HN-NE400-6S two hundred*1000MM 200mm 6 380/DC12V electric/handbook 400kg 100kg
HN-NE600-8S 200*1000MM 200mm 8 380/DC12V electric/guide 600kg 100kg
HN-NE800-10S 250*1000mm 200mm 10 380/DC12V electrical/guide 800kg 120kg
HN-NE1000-6S two hundred*1000mm 300mm six 380/DC12V electric/handbook 1000kg 150kg
HN-NE1500-8S 200*1000mm 300mm 8 380/DC12V electric powered/guide 1500kg 180kg
HN-NE2000-10S 250*1000mm 300mm 10 380/DC12V electric/manual 2000kg 250kg


Selection of vacuum spreader:

one, the quality of the pieces to be moved: figure out the measurement and amount of suction cups

two. Shape and floor point out of the areas to be moved: choose the sort of chuck

3. Functioning surroundings (temperature) of the shifting areas: select the material of the suction cup

4. Surface area top of the removed elements: establish the buffer distance

five. Standard link manner of suction cup: suction cup, suction cup seat, suction cup rod, spring, sliding sleeve, spring

Depth components of glass vacuum lifter

Rewards of vacuum spreader:

Help save time, labor and cost, easy to useSmall and gentle, one operator, non-destructive relocating components, imported oil-free vacuum pump, no need to have of exterior energy supplyErgonomic style, sound and light alarm method, power storage unit, substantial security, long provider life and other characteristicsCooperate with driving to kind a complete lifting and handling resolution

Vacuum spreader extensively used:

Glass processing, glass loading and unloading, glass curtain wall, plastic plate, sandwich plate, composite plate, metal plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, stone, etc.Suitable for all kinds of workpieces with clean and compact surface and standard condition.

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2000kg Glass Lifter Machine Electric Manual Vacuum Glass Lifter