65 Qv-Sp Sump Slurry Pumps with Strainer

65 Qv-Sp Sump Slurry Pumps with Strainer

65QV-SPR Sump Slurry Pumps with Strainer

CZPT NP-SP Pumps are vertical, centrifugal slurry pumps submerged in sump to perform. They are made for providing abrasive, large particle and large density slurries. These pumps have no want of any shaft seal and sealing water. They can also be operated usually for inadequate suction duties. Damp finish components of kind NP-SP sump pump are manufactured of abrasion-resistant metal. All elements of variety NP-SP(R) pump immersed in liquid are lined with rubber outer liner. They are suited to transportation non-edge angle abrasive slurry.

Typical Purposes-

Sump drainage washdown.
Ground drainage
Mill Sumps
CZPT transfer
CZPTite mixing

Solution Overview:

Our Vertical Sump Pump

40PV-SP(R)  65QV-SP(R) 100RV-SP(R) 150SV-SP(R) 200SV-SP(R) 250TV-SP

The vertical centrifugal slurry pumps are created to be immersed in liquid for conveying abrasive, coarse particles, filthy water and particle contaminated drinking water.

Owing to the design of the pump assembly, a shaft seal is not needed and the pump can be operated in situations that most pumps would have a low provider existence and their seal arrangement would not be efficient.


The sump pump physique is bolted to the help plate. The bearing Assembly is developed on the prime of the assist plate. The actual physical structure of the submersible sump pump simplifies routine maintenance operations

Vertical cantilever layout removes the need of shaft seal or sealing water, the centrifugal sump pump can function house even when there is inadequate slurry acquiring to the suction facet.

The open impeller design has vanes on the two sides to stability the centrifugal forces to guarantee stable operation. Vast stream passage enables large particle and large viscosity slurries to get by means of.

The double monitor filters are established at the suction facet to cease huge particles out of the slurry. Protect pump lifestyle time.

Installation Sorts:

DC: The motor mounting foundation is established previously mentioned the bearing assembly, link with couplings. It is easy  to install and restore.

BD: A V-belt is employed to connect the motor shaft to pump shaft. The motor frame is earlier mentioned the bearing assembly. In this way, it is straightforward to replace the grooved wheels. The purpose of swapping grooved wheels is to change the rotary speed of the pump to fulfill various pump doing work situations or conform to the worn-down sump pump.


Pump Overall performance Parameters:

Workshop Present:

NAIPU PUMP is a entire processing company, CZPTt from Modeling Workshop,Casting Workshop,Warmth treatment method Workshop,Machining Workshop ,Assembly Workshop and Pump Testing Workshop are all by us. So we are modernization and integrated business to satisfy the requirement of the shifting requirements of market place.

3-sort design of pump inlet

1.Standard variety with strainer
2.Suction Pipe with strainer
three.Agitator Sort

Vertical Spindle Pump with Agitator 

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65 Qv-Sp Sump Slurry Pumps with Strainer