ASME Standard 10000 Liters Mobile LPG Skid Station

ASME Standard 10000 Liters Mobile LPG Skid Station

ASME STHangZhouRD ten thousand liters Mobile LPG SKID STATION
one&period     LPG skid station short&colon
LPG skid station &comma LPG propane gasoline skid station &comma also called protable lpg gasoline station &comma mobile cell gasoline station&comma fuel filling station&commalpg gasoline station&comma lpg filling station&comma lpg cycle filling station &comma lpg gasoline filling station and so on &interval
which is consisted of bracket&comma lpg fuel tank&comma gas dispenser&comma pump&comma circulation meter&comma pipeline system&period  It can be transportation to wherever to filling for other equipment&period of time The portable lpg gasoline station we produce is with effortless operation&comma minimal value&comma lengthy service time&commaetc&time period
2&period  LPG tank Competitive Gain &colon

&lpar1&rpar  LPG tank Planning force&colon0&period7~2&period16Mpa  Designing temperature&colon50
&lpar2&rpar  The a variety of types LPG tank is researched and made by stress analysis layout and has apparent benefit of massive potential&periodlight fat and high efficiency&period 
&lpar3&rpar  We examine the high quality of lpg tank solution strictly&commaensure that A and B type of welding seam pass the evaluation of amount two radiographic check&commaC and D type of welding seam go the evaluation of stage 1 radiographic test&interval
&lpar4&rpar  There are domestic or imported safety equipment with high high quality &commaits matching is complet for lpg tank&time period
&lpar five&rpar  The anticorrosion coating of LPG tank undertake the subsequent method&comma sandblast&comma spray painting &commapurging and so on&period
three&interval Lpg skid station lpg propane skid station specification&colon

Items Descriptions Specs and Sorts
CZPT  Item Name  Moveable LPG Fuel Station
Control Fat &lparkg&rpar  12800
Approx&periodOverall Proportions&lparmm&rpar 7260 x 1620 x 2510
Tank Filling Medium LPG &lparPropane&rpar
Tank Volume&lparL&rpar 10000
Filling Mass&lparKG&rpar 4200
Tank Dimensions&lparinner diameter&astthickness&astlength&rpar &lparmm&rpar DN1600&ast10&ast5940
Cylinder Design Thickness&lparmm&rpar ten
Head Layout Thickness&lparmm&rpar ten
Tank Substance Q345R &comma16MnR
Density of Medium&lparkg&solm3&rpar 420&lpar50°&rpar
Design and style Strain one&period77Mpa&comma seventeen&period7Bar
Hydrostatic Take a look at Strain&lparMpa&rpar two&period22
Corrosion Allowance&lparmm&rpar 1
Filling ratio &period95
Gasoline Dispenser Rate of movement &lparm³&solmin&rpar one&period5
Velocity &lparR&solm³&rpar 730
Motor power&lparKW&rpar 22
CZPT fuel dispenser&comma fuel gun&commaflow meter&comma stress gauge&comma thermometer&commadischarge valve&commaetc
Filling equipment for Mobile SKID LPG STATION
Product Specification Amount
Hydrocarbon pump YQB15-five one
Anti-static motor MM2JA160MBB one
alarm QJ-D-99F 2
Liquid meter L&equals1800mm DN20 1
Safety valve A42F-25 DN50 1
Security reflux valve AH42F-twenty five DN25 1
Verify valve H42N-forty DN50 2
Stop valve J41N-40 DN50 twenty five
J41N-forty DN32 one
J41N-40 DN25 4
J41N-forty DN20 2
J41N-40 DN20 ten
Pipe safety valve A21F-twenty five DN15 1
Discharge pipe L&equals4M DN50&solDN25 1
Shock tube L&equals500MM DN50 2
Filling gun with pipe L&equals2M 3
Elbow DN65 two
DN50 10
Flange 2&period5mpa DN65 one
two&period5mpa DN50 fifty
2&period5mpa DN32 1
2&period5mpa DN25 eight
2&period5mpa DN15 20
CZPTtric filling 
BSC-a hundred and fifty 1
Metallic pads DN65 5
DN50 80
DN32 two
DN25 10
DN20 2
DN15 thirty
bolt 16&ast70 300
16&ast55 one hundred

4&period LPG tank Series &colon

Filling media&colon LPG &comma liquefied petroleum gasoline &lparpropane&rpar&comma propylene&comma liquid ammonia&comma dimethyl ether and methanol&comma butadiene&comma isobutane&comma epoxy ethane&comma methyl amine in various properties this kind of as reduced force liquefied gas under typical temperature&interval
—– LPG tank truck tank &colon 5&comma500L-35&comma000L
—– LPG tank semi trailer tank &colon 30&comma000L-60&comma000L 
—– LPG storage tank tank &colon 5&comma000L-one hundred twenty&comma000L 
—– LPG skid station &colon 3000L-60000L
—– LPG tank container tank &colon 20ft~40ft  20000-50000L  

5&period Merchandise Listing &colon  

one&period  Fuel tank truck&soltrailer&solsemi-trailer&solcontainer&period
2&period  Water tank truck&soltrailer&solsemi-trailer&solcontainer&interval
3&period  CZPT tank truck&soltrailer&solsemi-trailer&solcontainer&period
4&period  BiHangZhou tank truck&soltrailer&solsemi-trailer&solcontainer&period
5&period  Bulk powder tank truck&soltrailer&solsemi-trailer&solcontainer&time period
6&period  Gas tank truck&soltrailer&solsemi-trailer&solcontainer&interval
7&period  Dump truck&soltrailer&solsemi-trailer
8&period  Truck mounted crane
9&period  Fecal suction truck&time period
10&time period Sewage suction vacuum tank truck&interval
11&interval Higher pressure washing truck&period of time
twelve&period Sewage suction vacuum tank and large pressure washing truck&time period
thirteen&period of time &lparvacuum&rparSweeper truck&period
fourteen&period of time Garbage truck&lparswing arm kind&commasealed dump type&commacompression kind&commahanging barrel type&commadocking type&rpar
fifteen&time period Concrete mixer truck
16&period of time Fire truck
17&interval Wrecker
eighteen&interval Refrigerator truck&soltrailer&solsemi-trailer
19&period of time Platform transported truck&soltrailer&solsemi-trailer
twenty&time period Van truck&soltrailer&solsemi-trailer
21&period High-altitude procedure truck
6&interval truck more optional&colon
—Steering manage &colon Left hand travel &lpar LHD &rpar &sol Correct hand generate &lpar RHD &rpar
—CZPT kind &colon 4×2 ~ 4×4 ~ 6×2 ~ 6×4 ~ 6×6~8×4
—Emission CZPT&colon Euro 1 &comma Euro 2 &comma Euro 3 &comma Euro 4 &comma Euro 5
—Truck brand &colon XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.FENG &comma SINOTRUK &comma SHACMAN &comma FOTON &comma FAW &comma BEIBEN &comma JAC &comma IVECO &comma JMC &comma YUXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. &comma HINO &comma UD &comma ISUZU and many others&interval
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ASME Standard 10000 Liters Mobile LPG Skid Station