GDQC-16 SF6 Gas Vacuum Pumping and Filling Device

GDQC-16 SF6 Gas Vacuum Pumping and Filling Device

GDQC-16 SF6 Fuel Vacuum Pumping and Filling System

Item Description
GDQC-16 Gas Vacuum Pumping and Filling Device is largely used as auxiliary tools of SF6 fuel products GCBT, GIS, SF6 during putting in, debugging and restoring in various energy offer firms, electrical power transmission engineering organizations, electrical power vegetation, ultra large voltage transmission, SF6 electrical switch production plant and other departments. It can perform to pump vacuum and fill fuel for electrical tools .


  • Digital vacuum display.
  • Adapter Connector with distinct SF6 gas gear. (Optional)
  • Time placing and vacuum auto pumping as for every customer’s ask for. (Optional)
  • Multi safety-perform can guarantee protected operation.
  • Easy maintenance and substantial performance.

CZPT Requirements

Vacuum  Pump Fee(L/s) Restricted Vacuum
Time of pumping vacuum (s)
30L 60L 180L 300L 600L 1200L
4 ≤6*10-two 8 sixteen forty eight eighty one hundred sixty 320
  • Dimension: 500mm×570mm×1370mm
  • Excess weight: About 70Kg
  • Energy CZPT: 220-240 V / 50/sixty Hz AC  50Hz
  • Noise Stage: <62dB(A)


Can be moved as a tanker with an armored hose
Connections DN8 and DN20, vacuum pump sixteen m3/h,
Final vacuum < 1 mbar

Simple components:

  1. 16mthree/h vacuum pump H280i
  2. 3-way ball valve DN8
  3. force gauge – one thousand / mbar
  4. SF6 force reducer (-10 bar)
  5. armored hose DN8 / 7 m
  6. SF6 cylinder connection W 21.8 x 1/14″
  7. high strain hose DN8 / 6 m
  8. DILO connector DN8
  9. DILO connector DN20
  10. Paint: RAL 2004


GDQC-16 SF6 Gas Vacuum Pumping and Filling Device