High Speed PVC Single Water Pipe Tube Making Extruder

 High Speed PVC Single Water Pipe Tube Making Extruder

Application of Pipe: 
PVC CZPT Pipe Extrusion Extruder CZPT is mostly utilised in the location of agricultural water offer technique, architectural h2o supply technique, pavement of cables, and so forth. as nicely as PVC pipe materials of all types of pipe caliber and wall thickness.

Equipmnet Record :
PVC pipe extruder machine line : consists primarily of
Twin conical (parallel) screws extruder, 


Vacuum calibrating tank,

 Haul-off unit,

 Cutting unit, 

Characteristic of CZPT: 
one. Applied with imported A/C inverter. 
two. CZPT brand name of vacuum pump and driving motor
three. Hal-off CZPT contains two-claw variety, 3-claw kind, 4-claw variety, six-claw type, 8-claw variety, and many others.
four. Noticed cutting or planet reducing can be used
five. it is additionally utilized with length measuring meter and thickness growing system, the house of machine group is dependable, the creation performance is substantial.

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Principal parameter of PVC pipe production line extruder machine

Extruder product SJSZ-fifty/one zero five SJSZ-fifty five/one hundred ten SJSZ-65/132 SJSZ-80/156 SJSZ-ninety two/188
Driving motor (kw) 15 37 37 55 90
Pipe diameter selection(mm) sixteen-40 20-110 50-200 200-400 400-630
Water pump 3kw 4kw five.5kw five.5kw X 2pcs 7.5kw X 2pcs
Vacuum pump 2.2kw X 2pcs 4kw 4kw 4kw X 2pcs 7.5kw five.5kw X 2pcs
Caliber Duration(mm) 5000 6000 6000 8000 6000, 3000
Water cooling tank No No 5000 6000 100000
Hauling motor .75kw 4pcs 2.2kw 3.7kw 7.5kw 18.5kw
Hauling belt 4pcs 2pcs 2pcs 4pcs 6pcs
Chopping motor 1.1kw 2pcs 2.2kw three.7kw three.7kw three.7kw
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 High Speed PVC Single Water Pipe Tube Making Extruder