Instant Vegetable Soup Freeze Drying Plant

Instant Vegetable Soup Freeze Drying Plant

Vacuum CZPT dryer 

CZPT drying machine technique by the refrigeration technique,vacuum program,heating method,electrical instrumentation control program.CZPT drying device main elements for drying oven,condenser ,refrigeration models,vacuum pump,heating/cooling gadgets.etc.

CZPT drying (hereinafter referred to as the freeze-dried) is to aquifer material,first freeze into strong,and then make the moisture from the strong sublimate to gas ,to eliminate dampness and methods of preserving content .In the process of compressed air drying ,the freeze drying is by reducing the temperature of compressed air,make the moisture in the compressed air precipitation.The doing work basic principle of freeze drying machine (man or woman) like fridge,compressed air after frozen compressed air piping,compressed air temperature fall to the needed temperature,as to satisfy the need of drying .

Advantages of CZPT dryer :

CZPT -dried legislation basically beneath – diploma,specifically,below the solution freeze condition only in the later on when decrease the residual water articles of the products,to make items to much more than degree temperature,but is usually not much more than forty diploma.Beneath the situation of vacuum, when drinking water vapor right to sublimation, medicines with continue to be frozen ice shelf ,kinds a spongy porous framework, so it is dry after measurement is practically the identical .Ahead of using yet again ,as long as insert h2o for injection,and right away dissolved .The lyophilizer relative to conventional approaches,lyophilization technique has the adhering to advantages:

one.Many warmth-delicate materials will not arise degeneration or inactivation.

2.Dry at minimal temperature ,volatile element reduction some of the substance is extremely samll. the process of freeze-drying ,the function of the growth of microbes and enzymes to ,so can maintain the CZPT character.

four.Thanks to dry beneath the frozen condition,so the quantity is nearly the same ,to preserve the CZPT structure,enrichment phenomenon will not take place.

5.Due to the materials in the drinking water after the precool exist ice crystals form,the CZPT dissolve in the h2o dissolved inorganic material is evenly dispersed in the materials .Sublimation,soluble in water soluble supplies are precipitation,standard drying technique is avoided simply because of material carried by interior dampness migration to the surface area of inorganic salts in the area precipitation and floor hardening phenomenon.

six.following drying of material is porous ,as sponge,include water dissolve rapidly and entirely ,following almost quickly restore the CZPT character.

7.Due to drying beneath the vacuum,oxygen is number of,so the effortless oxidation of some substances have been protected .

eight.Will drying out ninety five%-99%water,dry products can be long-term preservation and not bad.

nine.Due to the materials in a frozen point out,the temperature is very low ,so call for heating of the warmth resource temperature is not high,the standard temperature or reduced temperature heater can meet up with the requirements. if individual freezer and drying chamber,drying chamber with out thermal insulation,won’t have a great deal of warmth loss,consequently,the use of warmth power is economic.

CZPT dryer software :

Vacuum freeze drying engineering in organic engineering ,pharmaceutical business,foodstuff business,resources science and agricultural and sideline items deep processing and other fields has been commonly utilised.

CZPT freeze drying contains the two western medication and Chinese drugs.CZPT drugs freeze drying in China has got a particular growth,a lot of more substantial pharmaceutical factory have freeze drying products. In phrases of injection,freeze drying process,the more can improve the drug top quality and storage period of time,to bring the positive aspects to both doctor and affected person.Numerous a long time ago to have out “Chinese drugs use the machine created out” ,modified the classic Chinese medication stewing strategy,solves the can not be produced into injection or tablet of standard Chinese medicine,also solves the problem of Chinese medication cure acute illness,for that reason our country standard Chinese medicine (TCM) freeze-drying medicine technology and item analysis has fantastic likely.

In the area of biotechnology products ,freeze-drying technological innovation is largely used in serum,plasma,vaccines,enzymes,antibiotics,hormones and other medication generation.Biochemistry assessment medications, immunology and and bacteriologic assessment medication,blood,bacteria,artery,bone,pores and skin,cornea, long-phrase preservation of nerve tissue and organs.and many others .

CZPT Parameter: 

Product .five 10 twenty fifty 75 one hundred one hundred twenty five one hundred fifty 180 200 280
Drying region .5 10 20 fifty seventy five one hundred 125 150 175 200 275
Common dewater capacity .six twelve twenty fifty seventy five 100 one hundred twenty five a hundred and fifty a hundred and eighty two hundred 280
Tray dimension 310*540*thirty 745*635*30 seven-hundred*460*30                                           540*635*30
Tray qty three 21 60 144 216 288 360 432 504 576 792
Tank human body dimensions ∅0.five* ∅1.four*two.1 ∅1.eight*2.six ∅2.4*4.eight ∅2.four*seven.two ∅2.four*eight.9 ∅2.four*11.3 ∅2.four*13.five ∅2.4*15 ∅2.four*seventeen ∅2.4*23
Doing work vacuum                      13.three-two hundred
Heating plate temperature                                               Normal temperature ~+120 diploma
CZPTtricity heating two 21 40                
Steam intake       140 210 270 320 380 470 540 750
Cold intake 1.5 21.six 36 90 135 180 220 275 310 360 490
Set up electrical power 6.5 55.eight 104.5 forty one.two fifty five.5 sixty 75 ninety 102.five 117.5 a hundred twenty five.5



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Instant Vegetable Soup Freeze Drying Plant