KCB Explosion-Proof Stainless Steel Gear Oil Pump Stainless Steel Gear Pump Stainless Steel Oil Pump

KCB Explosion-Proof Stainless Steel Gear Oil Pump Stainless Steel Gear Pump Stainless Steel Oil Pump

KCB explosion-proof stainless metal equipment stainless steel gear stainless steel oil pump

one. The gear oil pump is straightforward and compact in construction, simple to use and preserve.

two, with excellent self-priming, so do not need to have to fill the liquid just before each pump.

three, lubrication is immediately attained by the liquid conveyed, so no further lubrication is needed for everyday operate.

four. The use of versatile couplings to transmit energy can compensate for minimal deviations induced by set up. It can offer a very good buffering impact when it is subjected to unavoidable hydraulic shock throughout pump operation.

KCB equipment pump overview

      KCB series normal gear lubrication pumps are largely utilized for conveying lubricating oil in lubrication methods in numerous mechanical equipment, and are suitable for conveying viscosity at ten. Beneath E (seventy five C.S.t.), a lubricious oil possessing a temperature of three hundred ° C or decrease. CZPT steel gear pump for non-lubricating oils, beverages, and low corrosive liquids. With copper gears, it can transport minimal inside level liquids this kind of as gasoline and benzene. In addition to the configuration of ordinary motors, this collection of pumps can also be outfitted with explosion-proof motors of the very same technical specs according to person requirements. The pump gears are all created of hardened surfaces and have a protection valve to safeguard the motor from overload.

KCB gear oil pump use directions

1. It is suited for conveying all varieties of oils, these kinds of as weighty oil, diesel oil and lubricating oil. It can be utilised to transportation low liquids this kind of as gasoline oil and silly. The device also makes stainless metal equipment pumps for conveying beverages and corrosive. liquid.

2. Not suitable for difficult particles or fibers, suited viscosity is 5×10-5~1.5×103m2/s. The temperature is not substantial at 70 ° C. If you require to transportation large temperature liquid, remember to use high temperature gear pump to transportation liquid below 300 °C.

KCB equipment oil pump framework functions

      This sequence of equipment pumps primarily is made up of gears, shafts, pump bodies, safety valves and shaft finish seals. The gears are warmth handled to have a higher hardness and power and are mounted with the shaft in a replaceable bushing. CZPT of all areas in the pump is routinely attained employing the output medium whilst the pump is functioning. The pump has a well-designed oil drain and oil return groove. The torque of the equipment is modest for the duration of operation, so the bearing load is little, the dress in is modest, and the pump efficiency is high. The pump is geared up with a protection valve as overload protection. The complete return strain of the basic safety valve is one.five moments the rated strain of the pump. It can also be modified in accordance to actual requirements within the allowable discharge stress range. Nevertheless, notice that this basic safety valve can’t be utilized for extended-time period perform of the force lowering valve. It can be set up individually on the pipeline when necessary. Witnessed from the overhanging end of the spindle to the pump, it rotates clockwise. As the use time will increase, the equipment pump will have inadequate pump oil or even oil pump failure, primarily due to extreme wear of the pertinent components. The use areas of the equipment pump mainly incorporate the travel shaft and bushing, the passive gear center gap and the shaft pin, the pump casing interior cavity and equipment, the gear end experience and the pump cover. When the primary technological specifications of the lubricating oil pump fall short to meet up with the demands, they need to be disassembled and decomposed, the use areas and extent ought to be ascertained, and corresponding measures must be taken to restore them.




  (L/min) (MPa) (m) (KW)
3/4 eighteen.three fourteen.5 five one.5
three/4 33.three 14.5 five two.two
KCB-fifty five
1″ fifty five .33 five 1.five
KCB-eighty three.five
1″ fifty five .33 five 2.two
KCB-eighty three.3
11/2″ 83.three .33 5 2.2
KCB-two hundred
eleven/2″ 83.3 .33 5 three
KCB-two hundred
2″ two hundred .33 5 four
KCB-two hundred
2″ 200 .33 five four
KCB-two hundred
2″ two hundred .33 five five.five
KCB-two hundred
2″ 200 .33 five five.5
KCB-two hundred
21/2″ two hundred .33 5 7.5
KCB-three hundred
3″ three hundred .33 5 five.five
KCB-three hundred
3″ three hundred .33 5 seven.five
3″ 483.3 .33 5 7.five
3″ 483.3 .33 5 11
4″ 633 .28 five 11
4″ 633 .28 5 22
4″ 960 .three five eighteen.5
4″ 960 .3 5 30

KCB Explosion-Proof Stainless Steel Gear Oil Pump Stainless Steel Gear Pump Stainless Steel Oil Pump