Mini Extractor Concentrator with Oil-Water Separator

Mini Extractor Concentrator with Oil-Water Separator


1.This gear has excellent manufacture, full collocation, easy procedure. It is specially appropriate for the modest batch, multi-selection production.
2. Consist: Vacuum pump, liquor, filter, fluid bath, management box and other required accent, The equipment divides into steam heating and electrical heating. When purchased only hook up with drinking water, electricity or the steam can use.
three. It is suited for water-extraction and liquor-extraction. It can extract underneath regular stress and damaging pressure and recycle risky oil. It equips with vacuum switch and management box, easy for operation. It can comprehend regular temperature extraction and lower temperature focus.
four. CZPTtric heating framework is with advanced design and style, large efficiency, protection, homogeneous heating. On the pot has the safety decompress to make certain the use safety.
five. Comprehend circumfluence extraction, decrease extraction & concentration time, preserve solvent.
six. Oil-h2o separator is with unique style. The material is glass, it is straightforward for observation.


CZPT parameter

Design TD-20 TD-fifty TD-one hundred TD-two hundred TD-300 TD-500
EXTRACTION Quantity(L) 20 50 a hundred two hundred three hundred 500
Concentration Volume(L) 20 fifty one hundred 200 three hundred five hundred
Operate Pressure OF JACKET(Mpa) <0.1
Doing work Strain IN POT(Mpa) regular or damaging strain
MEDIUM steam, scorching oil, h2o
VACUUM PUMP MCZPTL 2BV2060 2BV2060 2BV2061 2BV2070 2BV2071 2BV2071
CZPT Energy(Kw) 6+6 twelve+twelve fifteen+fifteen eighteen+18 36+24 60+forty eight
DIMENSION(M) two.5X0.75X2.four 2.8X0.85X2.nine three.2X1.02X3.12 3.6X1.19X3.5

Order requirement:
1. How much liter of this machine do you need?we have 50L 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L …….10000L and so on

2. What way do you heat the machine? By electric or steam?

three. What is your raw material? Is it leaves, stem, Flower or root?

four. What last product do you want to get? Liquid? Cream or powder?

5.What material of the machine do you need? CZPT steel 304 or stainless steel 316, both are GMP requirement


Mini Extractor Concentrator with Oil-Water Separator