Molasses Alcoholic Fermentation Edible Spirit Ethanol Ethyl Alcohol Production Machine

Molasses Alcoholic Fermentation Edible Spirit Ethanol Ethyl Alcohol Production Machine

one. Summary
  The principle of distillation engineering is to make use of the big difference of volatilization potential of each part in the combination to make fuel-liquid two-stage reverse multi-stage speak to by way of the reflux of liquid period and gasoline period. Beneath the restriction of thermal vitality drive and phase equilibrium, the risky components (mild elements) are transferred from liquid phase to gasoline phase, whilst the refractory parts from gas section to gas phase. The migration in the liquid section leads to the combination to be separated continuously, which is called distillation. The procedure of warmth and mass transfer is simultaneous and is controlled by mass transfer process. Its distillation column is shown in Fig. forty one schematic diagram of the distillation column. The raw material enters the tower from a appropriate placement in the center of the tower, and the tower is divided into two sections. The upper section is a distillation part without feeding, the reduce section is made up of feeding plate as a withdrawal area, the condenser supplies liquid reflux from the prime of the tower, and the reboiler offers fuel reflux from the base of the tower. Fuel and liquid reflux is an important characteristic of distillation.
  The firm gives experimental, pilot-scale and tiny-scale manufacturing of distillation columns, batch distillation, steady distillation, atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation and other operations.

2.  Structure And Characteristics Tower internals: bulk packing, formed wire mesh packing, variable cross-part sieve plate assembly.
two.two Numerous reboilers: kettle type, exterior circulation evaporator type, inside circulation kind, scraper movie evaporator variety, etc.

three.   Practical Application
3.1  Concentration and purification of bio ethanol and methanol as option fuels.
3.2  Improve the good quality of wine, retain the texture and aroma of wine and reduce harmful substances.
three.3  Refined flavoring extracts, including natural and artificial flavors.
three.four  Recycling of solvents in the electronics sector to reduce pollutant handling ability.

four.   Providing CZPTent Scale Distillation Models
four.1  Distillation column utilised in laboratory
4.2  Distillation device for pilot / modest-scale generation
4.3  Ongoing distillation, batch distillation and extractive distillation.

five.   Device Operation Auxiliary CZPT  Vacuum Technique
  Vacuum pump and vacuum device, the primary components of the vacuum method are: liquid ring pump (water ring pump), rotary vane pump, diffusion pump, Roots pump, and so on.

5.2  Thermostatic Thermal Cycling CZPT
  Pick substantial performance imported or domestic sizzling oil (water) circulating units according to project money.

five.3  Material Transfer Unit
   Multiple inlet and outlet modes

six.  PLC CZPT Control CZPT

   PLC, the so-called programmable controller, is simply a CPU, with numerous modules, module capabilities are largely, analog or digital input and output, other features this kind of as counting. Use CPU to mount these modules to understand conversation and manage processing functions. Interaction manner, processing method, require to be applied in the program, visitors can of course be variable or AI address.

seven.  Standard CZPT Parameter Listing Of Kettle Tower

Type HT-200 HT-three hundred HT-four hundred HT-500 HT-600 HT-800
Tower Diameter (mm) two hundred 300 four hundred 500 600 800
Tower Peak (mm) 6000 7000 7000 7000 7500 7500
Tower Volume (m3) 640 1220 1450 2300 2500 3200
Generation Ability (kg/h) 45~50 ninety~100 a hundred and fifty~a hundred and sixty 280~300 420~440 600~620
Heating Spot (mtwo) six. 8. fourteen eighteen 24 32
Condensation CZPT Area (mtwo) ten+2 fifteen+three twenty+5 36+5 fifty+8 70+ten
Packing Type CZPT metal corrugated packing
Define size (m) Prolonged two.3 2.5 2.six three. 3.five 4.2
Wide .seven .eight 1. one.two one.4 one.8
High 7.3 7.five 9 9 ten 14

8.   Benefits of Distillation CZPT
HangZhou HangZhou CZPTry CZPT Co., Ltd. has been subsequent, digesting and absorbing the advanced distillation technological innovation equally at house and abroad for many a long time, and has mastered the most superior distillation engineering today.
The tools, fittings, meters and valves utilised in the tools are all created in China.
According to the traits of raw resources and customer specifications, design and style a reasonable procedure to attain straightforward method, trustworthy management, vitality-saving functions
CZPT industrial simulation engineering (ASPEN), tower hydraulics style technologies (KG-TOWER) and superior warmth exchanger design technology (HTRI) are utilised to design and style to guarantee the dependability and precision of approach and equipment design.
Adopting stainless steel wire mesh packing, the separation efficiency is substantial, the theoretical tray sequence is elevated, the top of distillation tower is decreased, and the plant problems are ideal.
The squander water at the bottom of the tower soon after distillation is employed to preheat uncooked content alcoholic beverages to decrease warmth use.
Micro-force (.05 MPaG ~ .one MPaG) procedure is conducive to the discharge of wastewater right after rectification, no more time established up a transport pump
The condenser of rectification tower is established at reduced position, and partial distillate gas short-circuit handle force-maintaining technological innovation is utilised to make the operation strain of the total technique much more steady.
Reboiler heating steam control making use of condensate movement management technology, so that the steam stress into the reboiler is much more secure, regulator size is smaller sized, low cost, the use of steam stream and tower temperature cascade handle, distillation tower operation is more stable
The technique adopts DCS automatic handle technology to make certain prolonged-phrase secure and risk-free operation and product top quality steadiness.

Equilibrium data of alcoholic beverages-water section

Temperature Liquid fraction Vapour section portion
  X X Y Y
C ETOH Water ETOH Water
a hundred one 1
95.five .019 .981 .17 .eighty three
89 .0721 .9279 .3891 .6109
86.7 .0966 .9034 .4375 .5625
85.three .1238 .8762 .4704 .5296
84.1 .1661 .8339 .5089 .4911 .2337 .7663 .5445 .4555
eighty two.three .2608 .7392 .558 .442
eighty one.5 .3273 .6727 .5926 .4074
80.7 .3965 .6035 .6122 .3878
79.eight .5079 .4921 .6564 .3436
seventy nine.7 .5198 .4802 .6599 .3401
79.three .5732 .4268 .6841 .3159
78.seventy four .6763 .3237 .7385 .2615
seventy eight.forty one .7472 .2528 .7815 .2185
seventy eight.15 .8943 .1057 .8943 .1057
seventy eight .932 .068 .9212 .0788
77.eight .9673 .0327 .9423 .571
seventy seven.5 1 one

Liquor Section Equilibrium Diagram:

9.   Type And Characteristic Knowledge Of Steel Wire Corrugated Packing

   Metallic orifice corrugated packing is a normal tower packing with wide effectiveness and wide separation efficiency. Its extensive efficiency is related with metallic wire corrugated higher efficiency tower packing, and then the loose packed tower packing. Its expense is far decrease than that of steel wire wave spinning filler, and its resistance to clogging is considerably much better than that of wire mesh filler. In basic, wire mesh corrugated packing is suitable for vacuum distillation.
Note: The higher the quantity of theoretical boards, the greater the possible value of fillers, do not need to have to pursue the maximum amount of theoretical boards fillers, in accordance to genuine needs.

10.   Type and characteristic info of corrugated steel wire mesh fillers

Type Inclination Angle φ, certain floor spot ,m2/m3 Bulk densityρp kg/m3 Theoretical plate amount for each meter Segment height m (about ten plates divided into sections) Scope of application Operating stress pa
250(AX) 30 250 a hundred twenty five two.5~3 five CZPT distillation with handful of theoretical plates 102~10five
five hundred(BX) 30 500 250 5 three~4 Vacuum distillation of thermosensitive refractory programs 102~105
seven-hundred(CY) forty five seven hundred 350 eight~10 one.6 Isotopic Mixture and Isomeric Combination Separation 5×10three~10five


Molasses Alcoholic Fermentation Edible Spirit Ethanol Ethyl Alcohol Production Machine