New Product Car Washing Tools and Equipment for Vehicle Wash

New Product Car Washing Tools and Equipment for Vehicle Wash

GOCLEAN steamer 6. is the new arrival for cellular industrial steam car clean company.


♦     16 bar steam stress promise cleansing effects with out any shampoo.

♦     195ºC steam temperature is employed effectively for germs cleansing which brings a great surroundings to human beings.

♦    Mobile cleaning ideal choice.

Fast steam cleansing inside 5 minutes

Microorganisms sterilizing 99.99%

2 varieties steam for 360°comprehensive cleaning

Cellular services freely

GOCLEAN steamer characteristics

Ongoing steam promise lengthy time period use and cleaning result

 Soaked & dry steam assure.

360° complete cleansing.

Layout sensible, cellular service initial choice: Diesel powered GOCLEAN steamer can give service door to doorway. Enlarger consumers team greatly.  Sterilizing microorganisms and Spa service: GOCLEAN steamer with higher temperature at 195° kills harmful micro organism which is bad for human physique. It with perfume together brings a nice setting.

Sensible control panel, easy to use, Control GOCLEAN in a very same panel, reduce improper use. Decreasing training time. The only steam wash machine with a remind of scale cleansing every single fifty hrs. Also the alarming programs of in excess of heat above strain…and so on. Temperature and stress are displayed on monitor. Simple to demonstrate precise quantities and examine. In-created ten basic safety ensure methods 100% assure cleaning safely.



We are often on the lookout for competent individuals to turn out to be a distributor. 
Sensible, energetic men and women to assist us share the extraordinary price of cleaning and sanitizing with steam.

The concept of Steam Cleaning is nevertheless new in several regions of the globe, and its marketplace prospective is limitless. Sign up for our team to offer you the newest eco-welcoming steam technological innovation that will help save your buyers money and complications. Be the first a single to bring the long term of inexperienced cleaning engineering to your location or your place!


♦  DISTRIBUTOR Assistance Program


The reliable GOCLEAN steam automobile washer popularity has been set up over the many years by hugely specialist advertising and marketing/supporting programs, like :

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  • Market defense ( town or place )
  • New engineering and merchandise priority marketing rights

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New Product Car Washing Tools and Equipment for Vehicle Wash