Pilot Freeze Dryer, Freeze Drying Machine for Fruit, Flower, Herb, Seafood, Meat

Pilot Freeze Dryer, Freeze Drying Machine for Fruit, Flower, Herb, Seafood, Meat

FD Sequence Pilot scale automaticfreeze dryer


  • Rectangular sort dry chamber, Pre-freezing, drying in very same chamber with out any guide operation.
  • Drying chamber & cabinets made by polished SS 304 or material speak to components SS316 is optional, adopted higher strength, higher transmittance plexiglassdoor, easy to observe, within round corner, straightforward to cleanse.
  • Oil circulation heating variety with substantial temperature precision control, usually suited for health care, bio subject, electric powered heating type suited for meals discipline.
  • GUNDFOS shielded circulating pump and PID handle electric heating ingredient circulation liquid employed Lower-temperature reduced- viscosity silicone oil.
  • Shelves heating system makes use of protected voltage, even though heating price controllable. (CZPTtric heating type)

Condenser(chilly lure)

  • Made by SS304drum-kind cold entice, with substantial transmittance plexiglass door, Integrity or individually condenser and chamber can be decided on.
  • Patented gasoline diversion engineering, cold trapping ice even, ice-catching ability.


  • Dual-stage cooling, CZPT hermetic compressor which is reduced noise, capillary throttling engineering, air-cooled or water-cooled is accessible.
  • Brazed plate heat exchanger.
  • CZPTal-welcoming refrigerant.


  • Versatile handbook + computerized handle, handbook groping process, automated batch generation.
  • PLC manage with 7′ Liquid crystal display contact graphic screen, can be operated in car, semi-automobile and guide method.
  • Shelf temperature adjustable, controllable, explore suitable for pilot and generation procedures.
  • 32 programs, each system can be established as 36 segments, curve can be stored, processingparameters can be modified in real time.
  • Constructed with recorder, with USB interface data can be exported to personal computer for investigation, FD-LYO software program& laptop is optional for managing by remote way.
  • sensor calibration perform, to guarantee extended-expression use of the precision of the measured worth.
  • Actual-time alarm show and historical alarm inquiry purpose, handy fault diagnosis and tools upkeep.
  • Customers can set the degree and password, decentralized operation and management.


  • Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum is automatic modify and can be set (optional).
  • Supreme vacuum can get to five Pa, in get to achieve highest vacuum, CZPT brand name vacuum pump is optional.

Other folks

  • Regular sort suited for bulk uncooked merchandise like foods, fruit, natural medicine and bio materials.Stoppering variety ideal for vials comes with cap, to stoppering caps into the vials.
  • CZPT (water) valve with a basic safety diaphragm valve can be linked to the inert gas source, dry and stuffed with inert fuel, to prolong the shelf daily life of the content.
  • CE/ISO 9001 13485 14001 certificated.
  • Can be conforms to GMP CZPT.

Principal traits:

FD-50F Series

FD-50F Collection Product FD-50F-RE FD-50F-R FD-50F-TP
Heating type CZPTtric heating Silicone oil circulation Silicone oil circulation
Drying chamber CZPT-drying location .6 m2 .7 m2 .five mtwo
Shelf amount 6 pcs 4+one pcs 3+1 pcs
Shelf temp. selection -50°C ~70°C -50°C ~70°C -50~70°C
Temp. CZPTence +/-1°C (equilibrium) +/-1°C (stability) +/-1°C (balance)
Shelf measurement 300×340mm 480×360mm 410×410mm
Shelf spacing 50mm 50mm 70mm
Sampleload ability 6L 7L 5L
Tray amount 6 pcs four pcs three pcs
Tray size 295×335mm 475×355mm 405×405mm
Materials of chamber PolishSS304 PolishSS304 PolishSS304
Material of Shelves PolishSS304 PolishSS304 PolishSS304
Content of trays SS304 SS304 SS304
Vial load potential Ф22 vials (piece) 1408 1408 1050
Ф16 vials (piece) 2728 2728 2058
Ф12vials (piece) 4920 4920 3705
Chilly trap Chilly trap temperature ≤-60°C ≤-75°C ≤-75°C
Ice seize ability ten Kg/24h ten Kg/24h ten Kg/24h
CZPTtric defrost Mother nature Nature CZPTtric or hot fuel
Awesome variety Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled
Substance SS304 SS304 SS304
Simple parameters Design of top-push CZPT force
Greatest vacuum ≤5Pa ≤5Pa ≤5Pa
Vacuum pump Included Integrated Included
Pump charge 8L/S 8L/S 8L/S
Dimension (mm) 890×670×1410 1000×785×1420 1490×850×1620+240
Fat 450kg 600kg 800 kg
Voltage CZPT dryer 380V±10%50Hz/60Hz 380V±10%50Hz/60Hz 380V±10%50Hz/60Hz
Power 4500W 5500W 6500W


Optional products for FD Pilot kind

Merchandise No. Product Identify
FDF1001 CZPT metal shell (SS304 or SS316)
FDF1002 Rotary Device
FDF1003 Handle application
FDF1004 Computer
FDF1005 Eutectic stage tester
FDF1006 CZPT vacuum pump
FDF1007 Defrost unit (for unique product)
FDF1008 Air compressor (for CZPT door opening)
FDF1009 Vacuum pump solenoid valve
FDF1571 Exterior materials change to SS304
FDF1011 Condenser, trays, cabinets change to SS316
FDF1012 6 port manifold program (extra port customizable)
FDF1013 Information logger
FDF1014 Backfill filter
FDF1015 Capacitance type vacuum gauge
FDF1016 Vacuum regulation program


Pilot Freeze Dryer, Freeze Drying Machine for Fruit, Flower, Herb, Seafood, Meat