PLC Control System Drying Equipment Mini Spray Drying Machine 3L Small Spray Dryer For Lab

PLC Control System Drying Equipment   Mini Spray Drying Machine   3L Small Spray Dryer For Lab

PLC Handle System Drying CZPT / Mini Spray Drying CZPT / 3L Little Spray Dryer For Lab


1. CZPT introduction  Mainly relevant to schools and universities, analysis institutes and foods and pharmaceutical business laboratory production of trace particles of powder, for  all solutions this kind of as emulsions, suspensions with broad-spectrum applicability, appropriate for heat-delicate substances this sort of as biological merchandise, organic pesticides , Enzyme preparations, etc., because the content is only sprayed  into the mist when the dimensions of particles by the large temperature, it is only instantaneous heat, to maintain these energetic materials in the dry soon after the upkeep of its active ingredients are not destroyed.

The complete device is manufactured of 304 stainless metal and the nozzle is produced of 316 stainless metal.

2. CZPT attributes

1.CZPT imported nozzle, high efficiency.

  2.Color Liquid crystal display contact screen parameters exhibit: air inlet temperature / outlet temperature / CZPT velocity / air quantity / go needle frequency.

  three.With a nozzle cleaner (through the needle), when the nozzle is blocked, it will automatically obvious the frequency of the needle can be automatically adjusted.

  4.Shutdown defense perform: only need to have to quit when the shutdown button, the machine in addition to the fan instantly quit working, to make sure that the device will not be due to misuse (forced off the wind turbine) caused by heating part of the burn.

  5.The spray, drying and collection system is made of a transparent, high-good quality, large-borosilicate warmth-resistant glass content to enable the drying process to proceed in a non-polluting environment.

 6.Two fluid spray atomization framework, compact design and style, no ancillary tools. The exact same time as the above-

  7.dry temperature manage layout using real-time handle PID temperature manage engineering, so that the complete temperature zone temperature management accuracy, heating temperature handle precision ± 1 ºC.

8.In order to keep the sample pure, geared up with air inlet filter.

   9.The quantity of feed can be modified by feed CZPT, the bare minimum sample volume up to 30ml.

  10.dry finished powder, the particle measurement is more uniform, more than ninety five% of the dry powder in the exact same particle size range.

  11.For the sticky materials, with a nozzle cleaner (via the needle), when the nozzle is blocked, it will automatically distinct the frequency of the needle can be automatically adjusted.

three. CZPT parameters&Quotation




Inlet Temperature

30 ºC ~400ºC


Outlet Temperature

thirty ºC ~200ºC


Drinking water Evaporation Ability

1500mL/H ~ 2000ml/h


Max Inlet Volume



Min Inlet Sum



Temperature control




Average drying time




3.8KW /220V(can be customed)






CZPT steel casing

All CZPT metal




Dry device



Air compressor



Glass drying space



Glass cyclone separator


Glass sample selection bottle 500ML


Glass samples acquire cold traps


CZPT quality feeding tube


Spray pistol




PTFE gasket




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PLC Control System Drying Equipment   Mini Spray Drying Machine   3L Small Spray Dryer For Lab