Plg Series Continual Plate Dryer Drying Equipment Dryer

Plg Series Continual Plate Dryer Drying Equipment Dryer

Plg Collection Continual Plate Dryer&solDrying CZPT&solDryer
PLG steady plate dryer is a sort of high-performance steady drying products&period of time Its exclusive structure and functioning principle figure out this drying machine has the qualities&comma these kinds of as high thermal effectiveness&comma minimal power use&comma small room occupation and effortless procedure&interval PLG constant plate dryer can be divided into regular stress kind&comma near kind and vacuum variety&period of time Its drying locations assortment from four m2 to 180 m2&time period Outfitted with corresponding auxiliary tools&comma this drying equipment can meet up with the drying demands of different supplies&time period
Functioning Principle
Moist supplies are continuously fed into the first layer drying plate on the prime of the dryer&period They will be turned and stirred by the rakes whose arms make rotational motion&period of time The resources circulation via the surface area of the drying plate along the index spiral line&interval On the little plate the components will shift to the outer edge and drop down to the huge drying plate&time period On the massive one particular they will transfer inward and fall to the modest plate on the next layer from the central hole&period of time Each little and huge drying plates are organized alternately so that the supplies can get via the complete continuous plate dryer&interval The heating media will be led into the hollow drying plate&period of time The heating media contains saturated steam&comma very hot drinking water and conduction oil&comma and it will enter from one stop and derive from the other end&period The dried supplies will drop from the last layer of the drying plate to the bottom layer of the shell&period Ultimately&comma they will be transferred to the discharge port by the rakes&interval The moisture escapes from resources and will be expelled from the damp discharge port on the top include&period The dampness of vacuum kind drying machine will be drawn out by the vacuum pump&period Drying pasty and warmth sensitive components&comma this constant plate dryer can recover the solvent and carry out pyrolysis and response procedure&interval
PLG constant plate dryer is suitable for drying&comma calcining&comma pyrolysis&comma cooling&comma reaction and sublimation in the chemical&comma pharmaceutical&comma pesticide&comma foods and agricultural industries&interval This drying machine is mainly utilised in the subsequent fields&colon
one&period       Natural and organic chemical merchandise&colon resin&comma melamine&comma aniline&comma stearate&comma calcium formate and other natural chemical material and intermediate
two&period       Inorganic chemical items&colon calcium carbonate&comma magnesium carbonate&comma white carbon black&comma sodium chloride&comma cryolite&comma different sulfate and hydroxide
three&period       Medicine and meals&colon cephalosporin&comma vitamin&comma medicinal salt&comma aluminium hydroxide&comma tea&comma ginkgo leaf and starch
4&period       Fodder and fertilizer&colon organic potash fertilizer&comma protein feed&comma grain&comma seed&comma herbicide and cellulose
For much more details&comma you should refer to PLG ongoing plate dryer&period
Parameters of Steady Plate Drying CZPT

Technical specs Outer Diameter &lparmm&rpar Peak &lparmm&rpar Drying Area &lparm2&rpar Power &lparkw&rpar   Requirements Outer Diameter &lparmm&rpar Top &lparmm&rpar Drying Region &lparm2&rpar Energy &lparkw&rpar
1200&sol4 1850 2608 three&period3 one&period1 2200&sol8 2900 5782 fifty five&period4 5&period5
1200&sol6 3571 four&period9 2200&sol20 6202 sixty one&period6
1200&sol8 3448 6&period6 one&period5 2200&sol22 6622 sixty seven&period6 7&period5
1200&sol10 3868 eight&period2 2200&sol24 7042 seventy three&period9
1200&sol12 4288 9&period9 2200&sol26 7462 eighty
1500&sol6 2100 3571 eight&period0 two&period2 3000&sol8 3800 4050 48 11
1500&sol8 3442 ten&period7 3000&sol10 4650 60
1500&sol10 3862 thirteen&period4 3000&sol12 5250 seventy two
1500&sol12 4282 sixteen&period1 three&period0 3000&sol14 5850 eighty four
1500&sol14 4702 eighteen&period8 3000&sol16 6450 96
1500&sol16 5122 21&period5 3000&sol18 7050 108 thirteen
2200&sol6 2900 3262 eighteen&period5 three&period0 3000&sol20 7650 120
2200&sol8 3682 24&period6 3000&sol22 8250 132
2200&sol10 4102 30&period8 3000&sol24 8850 one hundred forty four
2200&sol12 4522 36&period9 four&period0 3000&sol26 9450 156 15
2200&sol14 4942 forty three&period1 5&period5 3000&sol28 10050 168
2200&sol16 5362 forty nine&period3   3000&sol30 10650 a hundred and eighty

CZPTsu Yutong Drying CZPT Company is a Large-New CZPT CZPT in China&interval With in excess of 16 years of experience&comma we are ready to offer a extensive assortment of items&comma like drying device&comma grinding machine&comma granulator&comma mixing equipment&comma and a lot more&period Functions like compact framework&comma substantial efficiency&comma and minimal strength consumption have resulted in our items being ever more employed in the pharmaceutical&comma chemical&comma food&comma gentle industry&comma dyes&comma mineral goods&comma electronics&comma ceramics&comma plastics&comma agricultural merchandise&comma pesticides&comma feed&comma fertilizers&comma and other industries&period 

At Yutong&comma our cooperative interactions with a lot of analysis institutes and universities enable us to continuously increase item efficiency and create new drying equipment&comma mixers and feed devices&period of time As a result of our emphasis on innovation&comma we have received many countrywide patents&period 

Given that our basis&comma we at Yutong have been dedicated to supplying large top quality goods to our buyers&period of time In get to guarantee our top quality specifications are maintained&comma we apply the ISO9001&colon2008 high quality management system&comma buy our uncooked components from dependable suppliers&comma proceed to introduce sophisticated equipment&comma and make use of highly expert staff&interval The good quality of our equipment is frequently checked in the course of each and every stage of creation&time period In addition&comma all machines have to endure a demo operate in the workshop&comma and only those qualified items are permitted to go away our factory&interval Thanks to their regular top quality&comma Yutong drying machines&comma mixing devices and grinding devices have been awarded a lot of honors&comma which includes Suggestion for Substantial-quality CZPT by IQAC and Recommended CZPT for CZPT CZPT by the U&Periods&interval Asia CZPT CZPT Cooperation Committee&period 

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payment&colonTT L&solC

supply time&colon30days

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We seem forward to cooperating with partners from all the planet to develop win-earn cooperation relationship in prolonged phrase&interval Welcome for your go to and instigation&excl

Plg Series Continual Plate Dryer Drying Equipment Dryer