Roots Blower Spare Parts Safety Valve

Roots Blower Spare Parts Safety Valve

We make all kinds of roots blower, centrifugal blower, Our Primary products are as under:

Sort Diameter Rate of movement Stress
ESR-MJ(Intense Type) Φ50~Φ300mm .five~140m³/min 9.8KPa~98.8Kpa
ESR(Ordinary Type) Φ50~Φ350mm .five~140m³/min nine.8KPa~seventy eight.4Kpa
ESR-H(Higher-stress Variety) Φ50~Φ350mm .7~160m³/min 58.8KPa~ninety eight.8Kpa
ESR-V(Vacuum Pump) Φ50~Φ350mm .5~160m³/min 9.8KPa~53.3Kpa
EL Sequence Φ200~Φ600mm 20.3~750m³/min 9.8KPa~fifty eight.8Kpa
Multistage Centrifugal Blower
or C-Sequence
Φ250~Φ500mm 50~500m³/min 9.8KPa~98Kpa
ERR-ERG Type Φ250~Φ500mm one hundred twenty~420m³/min 9.8KPa~ninety eight.8Kpa

The doing work basic principle of the 3-blade roots blower: two 3-lobed rotors are arranged in the cavity, and the
suction port and the discharge port are opened on the two sides of the cavity. By means of the motion of a pair of
synchronous gears, the two rotors rotate in opposite instructions and Relying on the mutual engagement of the two
rotors, the suction port and the discharge port are isolated, and the gas in the chamber is pushed to obtain the
objective of blowing.

Function of our roots blower:
one. Large adjustment of the air quantity
2. Low Sound
three. Substantial performance
four. Minimal vitality cosumption
five. Long time daily life
six. Reliable operating, simple maintenance,modest footprint

The parameters of our roots blower:

Sort Ratary Speed
Force Increase
Shaft Electrical power
Motor Unit Maximn
ESR-fifty 1100-2120 9.eight-fifty eight.8 .sixty five-2.58 .three-3.54 .seventy five-four 128-158
ESR-65 1100-2130 9.8-fifty eight.8 .94-three.sixty six .38-four.forty six .seventy five-5.five one hundred fifty five-185
ESR-80 1140-1900 nine.eight-fifty eight.8 2.34-five.forty three 1.04-seven.42 two.2-eleven one hundred fifty five-277
ESR-one hundred 1060-1980 9.8-58.eight four.57-9.05 one.35-12.15 3-15 309-377
ESR-one hundred twenty five 980-1850 9.eight-fifty eight.8 five.35-12.4 one.sixty five-5.19 5.five-eighteen.5 408-451
ESR-125C 970-1830 9.eight-58.eight 7.five-seventeen.fifty seven 3.two-eighteen.five 4-22 408-451
ESR-a hundred and fifty 810-1730 nine.eight-58.8 ten.37-27.15 3.84-40.eighty two seven.5-forty five 688-848
ESR-a hundred seventy five 970-1520 nine.eight-fifty eight.8 19.sixty five-36.65 seven.two-forty five.ninety five 11-fifty five 980-1080
ESR-200B 740-1450 9.8-fifty eight.8 19.sixty five-44.8 10.fifteen-sixty.44 15-75 1272-1546
ESR-two hundred 810-1480 nine.8-58.eight 27.sixty five-fifty nine.two 8.05-80,12 15-90 1272-1546
ESR-250B 1100-1480 9.8-58.8 54.seventy seven-seventy seven.fifty five 19.97-ninety.97 30-a hundred and ten 1490-2454
ESR-250 990-1480 9.8-58.8 sixty one.4-97.52 20.1-117.3 30-132 1490-2454
ESR-300 990-1480 9.8-fifty eight.eight 26.four-167.8 37-185 3326-3446
ESR-350 730-1480 9.8-fifty eight.8 78.forty one-177.31   55-250  
ESR-50H 1230-2120 63.7-98 .45-two.02 2.05-six.twelve 3-7.five 160–170
ESR-65H 1240-2130 sixty eight .78-2.fifty three 2.89-7.fifty five 4-11 198-230
ESR-80H 1140-1900 63.7-98 one.eighty two-four.55 5.5-15 316-326
ESR-100H 1060-1980 sixty eight 2.sixty five-8.06 6.36-seventeen.2 seven.five-22 398-459
ESR-125H 980-1850 63.7-ninety eight 4.64-eleven.23 8.ninety two-24.two 11-thirty 544-630
ESR-150H 810-1730 sixty eight 9.fifty three-twenty five.76 seventeen.16-65 18.five-75 752-1571
ESR-200H 810-1480 sixty eight twenty five.34-56.92 42.34-120 fifty five-132 1426-1934
ESR-250H 990-1480 sixty fifty eight-ninety three.7 eighty three.2-205 90-220 2980-3468
ESR300H 990-1480 sixty eight 132-280 3476-3998
ERF-245 650-980 nine.eight-98 forty seven.5-ninety seven.4 sixteen-183 eighteen.five-200 3630-3690
ERF-250 650-980 nine.8-ninety eight 61.six-120.4 19-227 22-250 4450-4500
ERF-290 650-980 9.eight-seventy eight.4 92.3-128 22-213 thirty-250 4890-4710
ERF-295 650-980 9.eight-78.four 97.three-152.5 23-227 thirty-250 4890-4880
ERF-297 650-980 9.eight-seventy eight.four 87.5-167.6 26-249 30-280 5330-5520
ERF-three hundred 650-980 9.eight-78.four one hundred and 29-278 37-315 5330-5520
ERF-350 650-980 nine.8-78.4 126-224.nine 34-249 forty five-280 5210-6470
ERG-300 590-730 nine.8-ninety eight 128.3-196 38-362 45-four hundred 9440-15710
ERG-350 590-730 9.8-ninety eight 159.three-231.six forty three-420 55-450 9700-1571
ERG-400 590-730 nine.8-83.3 fifty two-449 75-five hundred 10090-11390
ERG-445 590-730 nine.eight-73.five fifty eight-477 seventy five-560 10600-12230
ERG-450 590-730 nine.8-73.5 262.four-366.two sixty four-496 seventy five-560 10600-12230
ERG-five hundred 590-730 nine.eight-sixty 327.4-452.four 78-529 90-560 12790-14620
ERF-240-V 650-980 -nine.8- -forty nine 38.1-78 13-seventy six 18.5-90 3420-3285
ERF-245-V 650-980 -nine.eight- -49 forty seven.5-ninety seven.four sixteen-95 22-110 3425-3360
ERF-250-V 650-980 -9.8- -49 63-120 19-117 22-132 3910-3830
ERF-290-V 650-980 -9.eight- -forty nine 72.six-144 22-136 30-one hundred sixty 4415-4270
ERF-295-V 650-980 -nine.8- -49 seventy six.six-152 23-145 30-one hundred sixty 4425-4485
ERF-297-V 650-980 -nine.8- -forty nine 84.3-166.8 26-a hundred and sixty thirty-one hundred eighty 5000-4980
ERF-300-V 650-980 -nine.8- -49 97-192 29-178 37-two hundred 5000-4980
ERF-350-V 650-980 -nine.8- -forty nine 116-225 34-209 forty five-250 5400-5700
ERG-300V 590-730 -9.8- -49 133-193 38-184 forty five-220 7800-9100
ERG-350V 590-730 -9.8- -forty nine 163-231 forty three-216 55-250 9500-9470
ERG-400V 590-730 -nine.eight- -49 199-290 52-269 75-315 9900-10130
ERG-445V 590-730 -9.eight- -49 224.eight-326.9 fifty eight-303 seventy five-355 9900-10130
ERG-450V 590-730 -9.eight- -forty nine 255-365 sixty four-335 seventy five-400 11230-11300
ERG-500V 590-730 -nine.eight- -49 314-452 seventy eight-412 132-450 13630-13850
ERF-245W 650-980 -thirteen.3- -fifty three.3 53.5-a hundred and one 21.five-102 30-a hundred and ten 3630-3360
ERF-250W 650-980 -13.3- -fifty three.3 sixty nine-127 26.five-127 30-a hundred and sixty 3985-4115
ERF-290W 650-980 -13.three- -fifty three.three eighty two.six-a hundred and fifty thirty.5-149 37-185 4340-4580
ERF-295W 650-980 -thirteen.three- -fifty three.3 87-158 32-158 37-185 4440-4580
ERF-297W 650-980 -13.three- -53.three ninety five-174 36-174 forty five-200 5230-5130
ERF-300W 650-980 -13.3- -fifty three.3 109-195 40-193 55-220 5230-5130
ERF-350W 650-980 -thirteen.three- -53.3 129-230 50-230 seventy five-250 5840-5670
ERG-300W 590-730 -13.3- -fifty three.three 142-197 fifty two-201 seventy five-220 9100-9000
ERF-350W 590-730 -thirteen.three- -fifty three.three 168-234.4 fifty nine-235.5 75-280 9500-9600
ERG-400W 590-730 -thirteen.3- -fifty three.three 220-276.6 seventy one-292 ninety-315 9900-10130
ERG-445W 590-730 -13.three- -fifty three.3 244-294.6 82-331 90-four hundred 11230-11300
ERG450W 590-730 -thirteen.three- -53.3 275-368.5 ninety one-366 a hundred and ten-four hundred 11230-11300
650-980 98-196 64.eight-112 a hundred thirty five-355 a hundred and sixty-400 8700-8600
650-980 98-196 80.eight-139 167-439 185-500 9200-9100
ETRF-three hundred
650-980 ninety eight-176.four 102-174 206-497 250-560 10320-10500
650-980 ninety eight-137.two 124-207 241-473 280-560 10700-11110
(three hundred,400)
590-740 98-176.four 205-273 380-773 450-900 21350-24200
590-740 98-176.4 263-428 476-955 560-one thousand 24200-27600
650-980 -53.3–80 seventy two-121 seventy five.6-121 90-160 6100-6470
650-980 -fifty three.3–80 ninety three.8-154 99.5-186 a hundred and ten-220 7000-6400
650-980 -fifty three.3–80 116-189 one hundred fifteen-220 132-250 7750-7760
EL81WD 580-980 9.8-58.8 54.two-a hundred thirty 18-151 forty five-185 3595
EL82WDB 580-980 9.8-58.eight seventy two.eight-161 22-191 45-220 3860
EL83WDA 580-980 9.8-fifty eight.9 a hundred and one-213 28.five-202 forty five-220 4300
EL84WDA 580-980 9.8-fifty eight.eight 129-267 35.4-252 forty five-280 4720
EL93WDA 580-730 9.8-49 230-329 fifty six.four-311 75-355 7765
EL94WDA 580-730 9.eight-forty nine 263-373 64-353 75-four hundred 8130
EL95WDA 490-580 nine.8-58.8 308-434 eighty one.four-414 90-450 11500
EL96WDA 580 58.eight 381 497 560 11500
E397WN 1000-1650 forty five-nine      
E408WN 870-1650 forty 10-22      
E517WN 980-1580 40 twenty-thirty      
E520WN 930-1550 40 24-forty five      
E607WN 750-1250 40 forty five-76      
E610WN 750-1250 forty seventy five-a hundred thirty      

Spare areas and framework of our roots blower:

Package deal of our Roots Blower

Pack into iron case, two layer,blower body and motor in reduced layer, inlet/out silencer and many others in higher layer

Roots blower pack approach very same as iron situation, just change to Fumigation Cost-free Plywood Scenario

Our factory is a specialist manufacturer of Roots blowers which has more than 20 years’ experience in equipment
production. It is located in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. CZPT CZPT Park, fifty kilometers to the east of ZheJiang provincial
cash— HangZhou. Our organization also has convenient traffic transportation, as it is fifteen kilometers absent from
Diaozhen City station of HangZhou-HangZhou expressway, and 30 kilometers away from CZPT HangZhou station of
ZheJiang -ZheJiang expressway.The leading item of our firm is ESR -kind Roots Blower. The roots
vacuum pump is a new sort of higher-effectiveness roots blower, which is designed independently based on the
domestic and overseas sophisticated systems. Many patented technologies have been adopted on Roots
Blower, and as a result we have manufactured substantial consequences in power conservation and noise reduction, etc.. So much, our
firm has invested more than thirty,000,000 RMB to introduce these kinds of sophisticated skilled products as
horizontal machining heart, vertical machining middle, two-way CNC floor planer, CNC lathe, CNC milling
equipment, CNC planer, plane grinder, cylindrical grinding machine, and 3 coordinates screening equipment.
Besides, we have taken a variety of steps to CZPTize the procedure flow this sort of as operating and cooperating
with several scientific research units, colleges and universities at property and overseas. We also constantly try to
take in and enhance the domestic sophisticated manufacturing systems, so as to promote the upgrading and
optimization of the merchandise and make the item top quality get to the superior degree at home and abroad.
ESR -variety Roots Blower involves a number of series this sort of as Three-leaves Sort, Two-leaves Type and Centrifugal
Sort,which can be additional divided to hundreds of varieties. The products are widely utilized in sewage treatment,
pneumatic conveying,vacuum packaging, aquaculture, meals processing, electrical power, petrochemical, cement,
mining and other industries. Our products have this sort of benefits as reduced sounds, strength saving, secure high quality,
and extended services daily life, and many others.. With the revenue outlets throughout the domestic cash cities, our products market well all
more than the region, and have been exported to North CZPTica,Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa
and some other countries. Getting obtained the ISO9001 CZPT CZPT Program Certification, we have
recognized and improved the quality assurance of the items creating, production, and installation.
From the process of design, study and improvement to the concluded merchandise, we have got the total
process controlled independently, hence supplying the entire basis and reliability guarantee for the products security
and durability. Having a perfect income network and following-revenue services, we provide our buyers with increased-
good quality and much more effective provider.All staff of our organization sincerely welcome the broad masses of pals to
guidebook, and negotiate business with us.

Our Roots Blower Workshop

         Doosn Horzitonal CZPT Center

The Application of the Roots Blower

Servicing and inspection
(one) Examine all fasteners and locating pins situations whether or not they are loosening.
(two) Constantly verify whether or not the leakage phenomenon of the human body.
(3) Pay focus to lubrication, quantity of grease and noises when working,
figure out whether or not it performs under the needed circumstances.
(four) CZPT & grease: The lubricant is for medium load industrial equipment oil
(quality 220, kinematic viscosity of 198 ~ 242mm2 / s 40ºC, flash level ≥ 200ºC)
The grease is butter (artificial lithium grease penetration 220-250, fall level ≥
190ºC). Change the lubricant and grease right after initial two hundred hours working, and change
once again after a moth managing. Later, exchange the lubricant and grease in accordance to the
environment and lubricant (grease) good quality suggest a appropriate alternative for a few
(five) Constantly check the inlet air filter, clean or change the filter in time.
(6) Blower overload at times not instantly displayed, so pay attention to
the ingestion and exhaust force, bearing temperature and the existing boost traits
of motor to determine regardless of whether the blower performs generally
(7) Just before disassembling the blower, the assembling relation and dimensions
should be recorded or calculated, make marks on parts to guarantee the CZPT
requirements right after assembling.
(eight) When recently equipment or overhaul, the oil tank ought to be cleaned before use
and suggest exchange all grease following eight hrs operating.

Typical failure reason and troubleshooting

No Failure Possible motives Elimination techniques
1 Friction
between the
(1) Impurities on the impeller,
ensuing in the hole is also small
(2) Gear put on, resulting in a
large backlash
(3) The equipment is not properly fastened,
can not maintain the impeller
(4) Bearing dress in ensuing in
clearance escalating.
(1) Remove dirt and check
regardless of whether there is damage areas
(two) Modify the gear hole, change
the gears if the equipment backlash is
greater than the regular thirty% to
(3)Re-assemble the gears, maintain
the taper make contact with area is to seventy five%
(4)Exchange the bearing
2 Collision
impeller and
wall, the
impeller best
and casing
(1) Set up hole is not right
(two) working pressure is way too
higher, exceeding the specified
(3) Functioning temperature is way too large
(four) Casing or foundation deformation,
positioning admirer failure
(5) Bearing axial place is not good
(one) Adjust the hole
(2) Recognize brings about of
overloading, reduced the strain
to the specified worth
(3) Check the installation
precision and minimize the pipe
(four) Examine and restore bearings,
and to make sure the clearance
three Temperature
as well high
(one) Oil in tank is also significantly, way too
thick or way too soiled
(2) CZPT or silencer is blocked
(three)The stress is larger than
the specified worth
(four)Abnormal dress in of the
impeller, massive hole
(5)Bad air flow, indoor
temperature is higher, resulting in
inlet air’s substantial temperature
(six) The rotating speed is also lower,end result in the belt slipping.
(1)Decrease the oil degree or rely on
(two)Get rid of of blocking objects
(three)Lowering the strain through
the blower
(four)Restore its clearance
(5)Open up vents to minimize place
(6) Boost velocity to stop the
belt slipping.
4 Insufficient
(1) The inlet filter is blocked
(two) Impeller use and the hole
increases too a lot
(3) Belt slipping
(four) Huge imports strain decline
(5) CZPT ventilation leakage
(one) Thoroughly clean the filter dust and
(2) Mend the gap
(3)Tighten the belt and improve
the number of belts
(four)Alter the inlet strain to the
specified worth
(five) Check out and mend the pipeline
5 Oil leaking or
oil leaking
into the enclosure
(one)Higher tank position cause
leakage from the discharge port
(two) Seal dress in, resulting in shaft oil spills
(3) The force is larger than
the specified price

(one)Lessen the oil level
(2)Change the seals
(three)Clear the air vents, 2mm diameter faucet is mounted in the
center chamber, open the faucet
under the wall
six Irregular
vibration and
(1)Bearing clearance exceeds the
specified benefit or bearing wear
(two) The equipment backlash is way too
massive, not in a limited fixed
(three) The overseas objects and dust
brought on by the impeller and the
impeller, the impeller and the
housing collision
(4) the impeller shaft
deformation brought on the collision
caused by overload,
(5) Friction in between the impeller
and the inlet housing brought on by
(six) Unbalance of the impeller
triggered by fouling or international
(7) CZPT bolts or other
fasteners are loosened
(1)Exchange bearings or bearing
(two)Reassemble equipment and make certain
(3)Cleansing blower, check out the
situation is broken
(four)Examine the again force, check
the wheel and alter gap
(five)Check the filter and back
stress, increase the gap
amongst the impeller inlet and the
(six)Clear the impeller and the
casing, to guarantee that the impeller
clearance function
(7) Tighten the anchor bolts and
leveling the base.
7 Motor
(1)Compared with the essential
stress, the pressure big difference
is massive that the again stress or
the inlet force is high
(two) Compared with the
equipment specifications, blower
circulation is also big, so its strain
will increase
(3)Inlet filter is blocked, or outlet
pipe is obstructed or blocked
(4) Collusion or friction (caught)
rotating areas
(5) The oil level is as well high
(six) Slim V-belt is overheat,
vibration is too massive, or pulley
is also small
(one) Reduce the pressure to the
specified benefit
(two) Exhaust the excess gasoline into
the ambiance or minimize the
blower speed
(3) Get rid of the obstructions
(four)Immediately shut down, check out
the cause
(5) Adjust the oil to the right
(6) Examine the belt rigidity, and
changed it with massive diameter

Our Support

one. Pre offer service                                                                              two. Soon after sell service                                          
a. advocate the suitable model                                             c. on the internet technical assistance,                                                                                   
b. factory tour                                                                              d. whole life spare areas and techinical support


twelve months gurantee for our roots blowers

Roots Blower Spare Parts Safety Valve