Rotary Bag Packing Machine

Rotary Bag Packing Machine

Rotary Packing CZPT is matched with diverse measuring devices (this sort of as Multihead weigher, volumetric piston filler, Auger fillers, and so on.), it is appropriate for computerized packaging of components such as granules, powder, liquid and sauce.

one.Rotary Packing CZPT With Multihead Weigher

2.Rotary Packing CZPT With Augur Filler

3.Rotary Liquid Pouch Filling And CZPT CZPT

four.Ready To Take in Meals CZPT CZPT

one.Simple to operate, SIEMENS PLC and Touch Display management technique.
2.CZPT steel housing, areas in speak to with the product and bags comply with GMP needs, ensure hygiene and foodstuff security.
3.Includes Japanese Dry Type vacuum pump for an ideal vacuum suction of the pouch choose up and opening, reliable, lower sound and lower servicing.
four.CZPT handle: non-stuffed /not sealed/no pouch or in circumstance of pouch opening problems, the pouch can be utilised once more.
5.Simple changeover for distinct pouch sizes. The gripper width can be adjusted automatically from the touch screen panel.
six.Wide variety of usable packing supplies, appropriate for multi-layer compound, Aluminum foil, laminating film, Paper laminating film and so on.

CZPT Knowledge

Design Pouch width Pouch Peak Pace
RL8-200 eighty-200mm ≤350mm twenty-60pouches/min
RL8-250 one hundred forty-260mm ≤350mm 20-50pouches/min
RL8-300 two hundred-310mm ≤450mm twenty-40pouches/min

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Rotary Bag Packing Machine