Sausage Casing High Speed Sausage Twisting Machine-Meat Machine

Sausage Casing High Speed Sausage Twisting Machine-Meat Machine

Sausage Casing Substantial Pace Sausage Twisting CZPT-meat equipment

Vacuum Stuffer ZKG is built with a mixture of Japan YASKAWA servo motor and Italy BONFIGILION (German) decelerator as its push technique, also that includes its man-device interface from ZheJiang , Japan Mitsubishi PLC and Germany Busch vacuum pump. Crucial elements developed by device centre with higher precision. All of pump, impeller and blade have are adopted the special warmth treatment method technique, hugely easy surface area, very easily to be cleaned up.

Vacuum Stuffer ZKG Sequence is usually your first option for ongoing filling tasks. Most reliable vacuum sausage stuffer with rotary vane pumps acceptable for any-sized plants. Mix the Vacuum StufferZKG + Mech. CZPT Double Clipper JCSK-A allows them to be ideal spouse rapidly adapted to a broad range of jobs in a sausage production plant.

Geared up with automatic casing knot tying unit.
Fits straight-filling artificial, collagen, cellulose or linking all-natural casings.
High weight precision, successful production output.
Systematically with the clipper of different varieties, enjoy the gain of automation generation for your enterprise.
Simple to clean using CZPT cleaning tools. Removable covers on two sides of the equipment make the inside of the machine simply available for any maintenance work.
Upkeep operate is automatically shown on display as it falls due.

The favourable inclination of the hopper walls facilitates working day-to-working day function, as the Lifter device pumps the hopper entirely vacant apart from minimal residues. For automated feeding, the ZKG collection can be optional equipped with a lifting and tipping gadget which the operator controls utilizing the appropriate keys following to the portioning personal computer.


Model QuantitativeRange (g) Energy(KW ) Stuffing and Kinking Pace (Moments/Min.) Quantitative Deviation (minced meat) (g) Hopper Quantity (L) Rated Voltage (v) Weight (Kg) Proportions (mm)
 ZKG-1800  6-9999  3.forty five    ±1  125  380  425  930×810×1680
 ZKG-2200  6-9999  4.eighty five  0-600  ±1  125  380  450  1260×810×1680
ZKG-2500 6-9999 5.05 -600 ±2 a hundred and sixty 380 590 1350×860×1710
ZKG-3500 6-9999 six.09 -600 ±2 240 380 630 2450×1180×1800
ZKG-4500 six-9999 six.09 -600 ±2 240 380 750 2450×1180×1800
ZKG-7500 six-9999 7.fifty nine -600 ±2 240 380 830 2450×1180×1800

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Injector movie :EPwatch?v=Tc6RNBJlLss&
Meat Mixer EPwatch?v=lotapLPoNZA&
smokehouse EPwatch?v=IMDjGbowofM&


Sausage Casing High Speed Sausage Twisting Machine-Meat Machine