Stainless Steel Food Grade Chocolate Rotary Lobe Pump

Stainless Steel Food Grade Chocolate Rotary Lobe Pump

                         UTP rotary lobe pump

UTP rotary lobe pump is the introduction of our firm, digestion of foreign innovative technological innovation
style and manufacture of double-rotor constructive displacement pump. Soon after several years of mindful investigation, the merchandise technological innovation, production and overall performance have arrived at the intercontinental superior level. In order to satisfy the industry demand, we by way of a long time of complex development and improvement, launched the chemical kind, foodstuff kind, general variety and other kinds of pump. In get to fulfill the requirements of different resources and production procedure, the core elements and sealing device of the merchandise adopt different supplies and distinct sealing kinds according to various traits of the medium, which increases the professional conveying performance and software variety of the product.

Functioning theory
The rotor pump in the driving shaft pushed by two synchronous reverse rotation of the rotor (the
quantity of cotyledons for two~8 leaves) in the approach of rotation at the inlet volume gets to be greater to create suction (vacuum),
suction components, in the pump outlet quantity turns into more compact, the substance out from out stress out, to attain the conveying of
resources. The mechanical strength input by the primary shaft of the pump is converted into the force strength of the conveyed fluid
by means of the pump. The flow fee of the pump depends on the quantity benefit of the operating chamber and its velocity, and (theoretically)
has practically nothing to do with the discharge strain.

Rotor pump operating basic principle diagram
in the process of rotation at the inlet quantity gets to be more substantial to produce suction (vacuum),
suction materials, in the pump outlet volume becomes more compact, the substance out from out force out, to accomplish the conveying of resources.

Rotor introduction
(1) Two-lobe rotor: Suited for resources with viscosity more than 8000cp, very poor fluidity, and modest and medium-sized particles.
(2) 3-bladed rotor: CZPT balance and tranquil
performance is exceptional, outfitted with this kind of rotor pump in the work of
a variety of overall performance equilibrium, appropriate for conveying a wide range of materials. This variety of rotor is by much the most broadly used.
(3) Leafy rotor: This sort of rotor is generally utilized for minimal pace, small movement substantial need of strain with flow and output balance.

Seal Introduction
Seal variety: CZPT seal 
Seal configuration: Conventional mechanical seal Water cooling mechanical seal Oillubrication mechanical seal double mechanical seal.
Content: tough alloy, silicon carbide, graphite, etc.
Seal O ring content: Nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber, and so on.
Note: particular circumstances can be equipped with packing seal.

overall performance parameter desk

kind capacity (L/r) pace (r/min) stream (m³/H) energy (kw) force (Mpa) suction pressre (Mpa) viscosity (cp) inlet & outlet DN (mm)
UTP 12-.5-15 .04 ten-550 .02-.five .one-1.2 .08 one-a million 10
UTP12-2-25 .fifteen 10-550 one-two .twenty five-two.2 .one-one.2 .08 one-1000000 twenty five
UTP12-five-40 .32 10-450 two-5 .37-three .1-one.2 .08 one-one million 40
UTP12-ten-fifty .65 ten-450 five-10 1.5-seven.five .1-one.2 .08 one-one million 50
UTP12-15-sixty five ten-450 10-15 2.2-eleven .1-one.two .08 1-1000000 sixty five
UTP12-twenty-65 1.seventy four ten-450 fifteen-20 2.2-fifteen .1-one.two .08 1-one million sixty five
UTP12-thirty-eighty 2.six 10-450 20-30 three-22 .1-one.2 .08 1-one million eighty
UTP12-forty-one hundred 3.65 10-450 thirty-40 four-30 .one-1.2 .08 1-1000000 a hundred
UTP12-60-one hundred 5.2 10-450 forty-sixty five.five-45 .1-one.2 .08 one-one million a hundred
UTP12-80-one hundred twenty five 6.8 ten-350 60-80 seven.5-55 .one-one.2 .08 1-one million a hundred twenty five
UTP12-a hundred and twenty-a hundred twenty five nine.eight 10-350 80-120 eleven-ninety .1-1.two .08 one-1000000 one hundred twenty five
UTP12-a hundred and fifty-150 12.8 10-350 a hundred and twenty-150 fifteen-160 .one-1.two .08 1-1000000 150
UTP12-two hundred-two hundred twenty ten-three hundred 150-two hundred 18.5-185 .one-one.2 .08 one-one million 200
UTP12-three hundred-250 30 ten-three hundred 200-300 22-220 .1-1.2 .08 one-1000000 250
UTP12-four hundred-three hundred 40 10-300 three hundred-four hundred 30-250 .one-1.two .08 one-1000000 300

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Stainless Steel Food Grade Chocolate Rotary Lobe Pump