Vacuum Oven

Vacuum Oven

Vacuum Oven is employed for drying and heating take a look at in vacuum problem of objects in scientific investigation units, specialty universities, industrial and mining enterprises’s laboratories collectively with production field, etc. It can get spot under vacuum or a controlled ambiance that can be produced through the introduction of an inert gas. Vacuum ovens can help in the prevention of surface reactions (such as oxidation), decontaminating samples (taking away lubricants for instance) as effectively as for speeding up the out gassing approach.

When figuring out the process you will use for a vacuum oven bear in head that you will require to measurement a pump to satisfy this application. This needs defining the appropriate chamber size, the amount of vacuum sought after, and how speedily you will need to attain that wanted vacuum stage. You should feel cost-free to call or electronic mail us to ask for any even more help.

1. Exterior SECC metal substance, with wonderful powder coating treatment Interior mirror stainless steel
two. The oven adopts new large temperature resistant prolonged shaft motor
three.Silicone compelled restricted
3. Above temperature safety, tremendous load computerized electricity program
4. Circulation technique: air pressure degree cycle.
5. PID microcomputer control, computerized constant temperature, temperature rapidly payment operate
6. Timer: temperature to time, when the electricity failure with alarm indication
seven. In accordance to client desire to match glass window which CZPT in accordance to customer specs.


Item parameters:

   Model ZH-VT-twenty
Electrical power CZPT AC220V 50/60Hz & 1 , AC380V 50/60Hz 3  
Shell Material Spray-paint Anti-corrosion  
Liner Material 304 CZPT Metal  
Temp. Variety (A~D) A: 200°C B: 300°C C: 400°C D: 500°C  
Vacuum Degree 0Mpa~-.1MPa,vacuum diploma:≤133P  
Temp. Steadiness ±1.0°C  
Temp. Analysis .1°C  
Functioning Temp. +five~40°C  
Input Electrical power (W) 400 seven-hundred 1400 2000 2060 2800  
Chamber Capacity (L) eight 27 64 125 216 343  
Inner Dimension (W*D*H, mm) two hundred*200*200 300*300*300 four hundred*four hundred*four hundred 500*five hundred*five hundred 600*600*600 seven-hundred*seven-hundred*700  
Overall Dimension (W*D*H, mm) 520*390*430 460*370*680 560*470*780 760*670*1350 880*770*1450 980*870*1550  
Bodyweight (kgs) fifty 90~one hundred eighty 220~320 250~380 360~480 550~650  
Shelves (Pcs) 1 2 three four  
Time Assortment 1~9999 min  
Optional Configuration Explosion-proof  

Item Structure:

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Vacuum Oven