Vector Frequency Inverter VFD for Motor 0.75kw~630kw

Vector Frequency Inverter VFD for Motor 0.75kw~630kw

Vector Frequency CZPT VFD for Motor .75kw~630kw

1. Purpose

Variable frequency inverter(VFD) is employed in underground mines with explosive gasoline (methane) and coal dust. Major spare partsSuch as IGBT, filter capacitor, management main undertake imported makes to make sure dependable longtime
Operation. This series adopt vector control strategy with ideal motor defense
And good pace adjusting to comprehend comfortable start off and comfortable end of the motor. According to the
Load conditions, it can instantly modify the motor pace and decrease the reactive
Influence of the motor commencing on the grid. In the meantime, by way of peripheral sensor, it can
Comprehend variable dynamic handle to attain the objective of strength conserving. Relevant to
Explosion-proof mine hoists, belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, pump station, fan etc. In the
Underground mines.

two. Characteristics

two.1 Undertake no-speed sensor vector. The output torque can attain one.five moments rated torque at
.5Hz. The greatest torque is two instances of the rated torque.
2.2 Heat pipe cooling ensures the cooling prerequisite of the equipment procedure,
Minimizes the system voice and realizes zero servicing.
2.3 Vast frequency altering (two-16kHz) to satisfy demands of various situations.
two.four CZPTent brake modes according to different masses: DC brake, dynamic brake, comments
two.5 Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n-CZPT interface adopts intrinsically secure circuits for isolation function so that
It can ensure the equipment protection and hassle-free procedure.
two.six With protective functions of more than-voltage, brief-circuit, more than-load, in excess of-heating, phaseloss
And so on. With CZPT RS-485 communication interface.
two.8 Very good electromagnetic compatibility.

YCB100 VFD general technical knowledge





Rated voltage,frequency

A few stage 380V~440V,50Hz/60Hz


Permitted working

voltage scope

Voltage: 320V~460V,voltage imbalance rate: 3%,frequency 5%

Rated voltage


Rated frequency


Major management performance

Overload efficiency

G kind:one moment for 150% rated present,.5 CZPT for 200% rated current

P kind: 1 moment for 110% rated existing,1 CZPT for one hundred fifty% rated existing

Pace adjust approach

Flux Vector PWM regulator

Pace modify

scope      one:one hundred

CZPTting torque

.50Hz of one hundred eighty% rated torque

Working pace steady precision

≤±5% rated synchronous speed

Frequency precision

Numerical setting: optimum frequency ×0.01%,

Simulation environment: highest frequency ×±0.02%,

Frequency resolution

Numerical location: .01Hz

Simulation setting: maximum frequency ×0.1%,


YCB200 standard technical info



Input and Output traits

Enter voltage scope


Input frequency scope

sixty seven~63Hz

Output voltage scope

~rated output voltage

Output frequency scope


Peripheral interface characteristics

Programmable digital enter

four ways enter

Programmable analog input

VI:~10V input, CI:~10V or ~20mA input

Open collector output

one way output

Relay output 1

Way output

Analog output one

Way output, can choose /4~20mAo or ~10V

CZPT efficiency characteristics

Handle strategy

NO PG vector handle, V/F manage

Overload capacity

60s for one hundred fifty% rated present and 10s for a hundred and eighty%rated present

CZPTting torque No.

PG vector handle: .5Hz for 150% rated torque

Pace ratio NO.

PG vector manage: one:one hundred

Velocity handle precision

NO PG vector handle: ±0.five% greatest speed

CZPT wave frequency




Environment approach digital environment, analog placing, serial conversation

Environment method

Environment, multi-pace, PID location and so forth.

PID handle function

Could constitute closed-loop control program simply

Multi-velocity management function

8 speed manage

Swinging frequency manage purpose

Can accomplish swinging frequency operate with center frequency adjustable

Instantaneous power down non-cease purpose

Via the bus voltage handle to attain uninterrupted procedure when electricity-down instantaneously

Velocity monitoring restart operate

Accomplish non-impulse commence for rotating motor

JOG key purpose

Free multi-person-outlined essential

CZPT voltage regulation

When the voltage modifications, it can instantly preserve a consistent output voltage

Protect operate

CZPT of lacking section over recent, over voltage, under voltage, overheating and overload


Vector Frequency Inverter VFD for Motor 0.75kw~630kw