Water Cooling Industrial Screw Chiller for Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Water Cooling Industrial Screw Chiller for Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

H2o CZPT CZPT CZPT Chiller For Laser Engraving Chopping CZPT

one. Eurostars drinking water cooled screw industrial chiller short introduction
CZPT chillers are used for controlled cooling of items, mechanisms and factory machinery in a broad range of industries. Eurostars chillers for industrial apps can be centralized, the place a solitary chiller serves a number of cooling demands, or decentralized where each and every software or device has its possess chiller. Every method has its benefits. It is also feasible to have a mix of both centralized and decentralized chillers, specially if the cooling demands are the very same for some applications or details of use, but not all. CZPT chillers are often utilised in following area: 
(1)plastic industries
(2)injection and blow molding
(3)steel doing work chopping oils
(four)welding tools
(5)die-casting and machine tooling
(six)chemical processing
(seven)pharmaceutical formulation
(eight)food and beverage processing
(9)paper and cement processing
(ten)vacuum methods
(eleven)X-ray diffraction
(twelve)energy provides and power technology stations
(thirteen)analytical gear
(fifteen)compressed air and gasoline cooling
(sixteen)industrial chillers are also utilised to cool large-heat specialized objects such as MRI machines and lasers, and in hospitals, hotels and campuses

2. Eurostars drinking water cooled screw industrial chiller major components

CZPT Semi-hermetic screw compressor
Evaporator Shell and tube sort evaporator
Condenser Shell and tube variety condenser
Throttling System Thermal or electrical expansion valve
Intellectualized Controller Microcomputer touch monitor controller
CZPTter Wye-delta starter
Electrical power offer 220V,230V,380V,400V,415V,440V,460V,480V-50/60HZ-3PH
Insulation Anti-corrosion, water proof, internet insulation layer
H2o relationship Flange type link
Alternatives CZPT design Modular design and style Warmth recovery Specific voltage and so on.

three. Eurostars h2o cooled screw industrial chiller attributes
(one)With five:six twin screw compressors, steady procedure, reduced noise and lengthy support life
(two)Higher performance shell tube kind evaporator, evaporating temperature can be 5ºC with high COP
(three)Micro-controller, compatible with community distant managing of monitoring and soon after-revenue support, PLC controller is optional
(4)CZPT pump, chilled pump and water tank can be made to built-in.
(five) Heat recovery option, supply free hot drinking water

four. Eurostars drinking water cooled industrial screw chiller brief technical data 
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CZPT Water Cooled CZPT Chiller (a single compressor)
Model  ESGW- 031ISON 041ISON 055ISON 067ISON 075ISON 089ISON 101ISON 108ISON 121ISON 141ISON
Rated CZPT Capacity   KW 119 158 204 279 305 361 417 456 492 582
USRT 33.eight 45. 58.one 79.3 86.6 102.6 118.5 129.six 139.eight one hundred sixty five.five
×1000kcal/h 102.one 135.nine a hundred seventy five.six 239.nine 262. 310.2 358.5 391.eight 422.9 five hundred.four

CZPT Water Cooled CZPT Chiller (1 compressor)
Model  ESGW- 162ISON 175ISON 183ISON 208ISON 230ISON 234ISON 278ISON 297ISON 392ISON 443ISON
Rated CZPT Capacity   KW 680 724 758 882 968 1039 1159 1456 1714 1913
USRT 193.3 206. 215.four 250.7 275.2 295.4 329.6 414. 487.5 544.
×1000kcal/h 584.5 622.9 651.4 758. 832.three 893.2 996.7 1252. 1474.1 1645.1

CZPT Water Cooled CZPT Chiller (two compressors)
Model  ESGW- 062IDON 082IDON 110IDON 134IDON 150IDON 178IDON 202IDON 242IDON 282IDON 304IDON
Rated CZPT Capacity   KW 237 316 408 558 609 722 834 984 1164 1229
USRT sixty seven.5 89.nine 116.one 158.6 173.3 205.2 237.one 279.7 330.nine 349.4
×1000kcal/h 204. 271.9 351.one 479.seven 524. 620.five 716.9 845.7 a thousand.8 1056.five

CZPT Drinking water Cooled CZPT Chiller (two compressors)
Model  ESGW- 324IDON 350IDON 366IDON 416IDON 460IDON 468IDON 556IDON 594IDON 784IDON 886IDON
Rated CZPT Capacity   KW 1360 1449 1515 1763 1936 2078 2318 2912 3429 3827
USRT 386.6 411.9 430.9 501.three 550.four 590.7 659.two 828. 975. 1088.
×1000kcal/h 1169. 1245.seven 1302.9 1516. 1664.6 1786.3 1993.4 2504. 2948.three 3290.two

(1)Rated CZPT Ability Dependent on: Chilled water in/outlet temp. 17ºC/12ºC, CZPT h2o in/outlet temp. 30°C/35°C, Fouling factor: .088 sqm°C/KW.
(2) Chilled Drinking water Selection: 5~20ºC CZPT Water Assortment: 20~40ºC

five.Eurostars drinking water cooled screw industrial chiller development diagram 


(1)CZPT compressor (two)Motor wiring box (3)CZPTtrical management box
(4)Control board (five)Discharge cease valve (6)Oil indicator
(seven)Chilled h2o outlet (8)Suction pipe (nine)Sight glass
(ten)Evaporator (eleven)Condenser (12)Dry filter
(13)Angle valve (14)Expansion valve  

six.Eurostars h2o cooled chiller series

Water cooled screw chiller(with twin compressors,twin condenser)
H2o cooled screw chiller(with single compressor, single condenser)
H2o cooled screw chiller(with flooded evaporator)
Drinking water cooled screw chiller with heat recovery
Drinking water cooled heat pump chiller
H2o cooled heat pump chiller with heat recovery
Drinking water cooled flooded screw chiller with warmth restoration
H2o cooled flooded heat pump chiller
H2o cooled centrifugal water chiller

7.Eurostars OEM and ODM support:
EUROSTARS was recognized in 2006, has a specialist technological staff to research and develope CZPT goods. We supply OEM/ODM services to our clientele.
Now EUROSTARS collaborate with our clients in the following techniques:
(one)Create EUROSTARS CZPT merchandise below clients’ brand.
(2)Modify the products to satisfy clients’ personalized specifications.
(3)If customers have their own notion and layout of the goods, EUROSTARS can actualize it and modify it make it simple for mass creation.
(four)Based mostly on robust capability of investigation and development, EUROSTARS can function jointly with consumers to style and generate a totally new merchandise.

8. Eurostars Company Ceritifcates & Consumer Visiting
We, EUROSTARS, which recognized in 12 months 2006, is a modern hi-tech organization, specializing in Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and CZPT CZPT investigation, advancement, manufacturing, sales and engineering services.
Eurostars staff with a lot more than 10 several years knowledge of CZPT gear and method in nearby China and intercontinental market, has offered qualified CZPT tools, set up and provider to thirty+ nations around the world all around the entire world.

nine. Our manufacturing unit check out
CZPT new process and assemble line, such as copper tube straighten equipment, aluminum fin punching device, three dimensional copper tube bending device, tube expander equipment, sheet steel laser slicing machine, numerical control punching equipment, CNC bending machine, chiller, fan coil device and AHU assemble line,. etc..

ten. Eurostars drinking water cooled chiller package deal and delivery
(1)A number of packing: proved by tests of the compression resistance, throwing. And highly secured.
(two)Plywood case packing: High resistance of burst energy, ring crushing strength and tearing power.
(3)CZPT body parking: Moist-proved and large resistance burst toughness and ring crush power.

eleven. Eurostars h2o cooled chiller projects
We exported chillers to Ukraine, New Zealand, Guatelmala, Peru, Chile, Norway, Serbia, CZPTia, Greece, France, South Africa, Australia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico, Argentina, etc..


Water Cooling Industrial Screw Chiller for Laser Engraving Cutting Machine