X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer in Elements Na to U energy Dispersive

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer in Elements Na to U energy Dispersive

 Item Description
It can qualitative and quantitation analysis amid distinct supplies except element C, also, the equipment can performance effectively in Mg,Al,Si,S,P, and Mn which other equipment can’t operate properly. It mostly used in the subsequent fields, these kinds of as metal,  fireproofing, non-ferrous sector, the top quality division, the plating thickness screening, ROSH inductor investigation and so on.
Principal Functions

(1).Accurate: Take a look at final results can be shut to examination damp chemical methods.

(2).Fast velocity: Screening huge quantities factors in the sample only need to have number of minutes.

(3).Non-loss: It can’t hurt the bodily and chemical houses in sample.

(four).Visually: Investigation results are present straight in graph.

(5).CZPT: It can not pollute the setting.
 Main technical parameter

Evaluation factors Na-U,Largely are Al,Si,P,S,K,Ca,Ti,V,Fe,Ni,Mn,Pb,Zn,Cu,Sn,Sb,As and so forth
examination range one ppm-ninety nine.ninety nine%
measuring time All the contents examination only in one-2 minutes
analysis precision Regular deviation ≤0.08%
investigation mistake Up to the typical requirments
radiation dosage <25  μ sv/h
environment temperature fifteen ºC-35 ºC

 Primary allocation

 Detection program


 Type: electrical refrigeration SDD detector

 Be window thickness: 50um

 The best resolution: 130eV

 CZPT reaction range: 1keV-50keV

X gentle tube (for X ray spectrometer)

 Voltage: ~ 50kV

 Maximum current: one.0mA

 Maximum energy: 50W

 Filament voltage: two.0V

 Filament present: 1.7A

 Ray out angle: 12 °

 Target: Mo

 Be window thickness: .5mm

Substantial-voltage power offer

 Input voltage: DC+24V ± 10%

 Input present: four.0A ( highest )

 Output voltage: -5KV & 1mA

 Maximum electrical power: 50W

 Voltage regulation price: .01% ( from no load to entire load)

 Current adjustment rate: .01% ( from no load to full load)

 Ripple factor: .1% ( P-P benefit)

 The stability of 8 several hours: .05%

 Vacuum pump

 Vacuum: vacuum check 20Pa restrict vacuum 2Pa

 Optical integration design / program / vacuum cavity radiation security

 X gentle tube, detector, the composite filtertreatment program, CCD, positioning program, computerized collimator switching system processor optical route are integrated in a shut framework, ensure the steadiness of optical system with a shut optical path system as a vacuum cavity, by way of the loop and the maze effectively by using X ray greatest power at the identical time to ensure the ray zero overflow.

Packing & CZPT


X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer in Elements Na to U energy Dispersive