Xbc Industrial Diesel Water Pumps for Sale 4 Inch Water Pumps Diesel

Xbc Industrial Diesel Water Pumps for Sale 4 Inch Water Pumps Diesel

 >>> Product Overview

We use CHANGSONG (the prime two brand name in China, deeply obsessed by clients) diesel engine also we use BEINEI diesel motor adopting air-cooler type according to some buyers specific requirements for its best functionality and its suited price. We often equip the 4 batteries, a single gasoline filter, one particular air filter, one particular lube oil filter, a single coolant filter two belts for our buyers. The shade of the diesel motor will be in accordance consumers choice.  


As a fireplace-fighting most current tools, XBC Diesel Engine CZPTn Hearth Preventing H2o Centrifugal Pump  group series are produced productively, strictly complying with countrywide CZPT GB6245-2006, The Overall performance Need and Tests Approach of Fire Battling Pumps and with NFPA20, Installation of Centrifugal Hearth-fighting Pumps.


Categorized by coupled pump head kinds (solitary stage one suction type, solitary stage double suction sort, multi-segment multistage variety), this products can slide into three sub-types: XBC-IS, XBC-S and XBC-D. The products is extensively utilised in numerous instances.


This products can use large high quality diesel engines from domestic market or international international locations, so it is the fireplace security equipment with advantages as follows, steady start, large capability, compact construction, easy upkeep, large automation and advanced and trusted overall performance. This pump can also be utilized in salt sea region and for salt h2o liquid.


>>> Software condition:

  • Altitude: ≤1000m
  • Ambient temperature: +5°c~+40°c
  • Relative Air humidity: ≤90%

 >>>Structure And Features


X6135, 12v135, 4102, 4105, 61 02, 4100, 495 etc diesel motor collection supply electricity for our pumps. Our fire-preventing pumps are adaptable coupled with these diesel engines (clutches are accessible). Besides, diesel tank, radiation h2o tank, blower, manage panel (for the computerized device) and so forth can be presented as factors.


Being the automobile-handle device, a different diesel engine automobile-handle panel (programmable) carries out the system’s automatic begin, run, vehicle-switch (the electric powered motor pump unit is switched to the diesel engine pump or the diesel engine pump device to an additional diesel pump device), automobile-defense (warning and quit protection for the diesel engine’s over-pace, reduced oil strain, higher water temperature, three-time commence failures, low voltage of accumulator warning and many others.) and also can be linked to user’s fireplace-fighting center or the fireplace auto-warning device with the purpose of remote checking.


In purchase to maintain the device functioning normally under 5ºC, it can be fitted with an AC 220v water cooling technique.


The diesel engine fireplace-preventing pump team can be fashioned with electric powered motor pumps and jockey pumps as an automatic fireplace-battling drinking water supply system (see tabel1). For a lot more details, you should see our doc “Diesel Motor Management System”. The system also can be linked to the fire-fighting center.


There are two techniques of inletting the h2o: manual h2o adding and h2o self-priming. the previous is desired in accordance with fire-combating security CZPT. CZPT vacuum water self-priming devices can be offered only when customers ask for. In this circumstance, the dimension of the diesel motor pump unit is altered.


>>> CZPT control pump team:


The diesel engine handle cupboard(programmble) can recognize these functions: system’s self-begin, procedure self-cut-in excess of (from CZPTtric pump to Diesel motor pump or from one diesel motor pump to one more diesel motor pump), self-protection(in situation of overspeed of the diesel motor, minimal oil strain, higher h2o temperature, three moments failure of start, reduced oil degree and lower voltage of the battery and so forth.). Aside from, the pump can be connected with fire heart or hearth alarm, which can simply recognize remote manage.


The diesel fire pump team can be join to electric powered consistent pump to recognize self hearth h2o provide program.


With the big difference in drinking water influx, the hearth pum can be grouped into two groups: Self-filling pump, and suction pump. Typically we supply self-filling pump. If consumer requirements suction technique, please position out, ou firm will provide vacuum self suction device, with tiny changes of the pump dimensions.



Xbc Industrial Diesel Water Pumps for Sale 4 Inch Water Pumps Diesel