Automatic Sausage Stuffer and Sausage Linker Machine

Automatic Sausage Stuffer and Sausage Linker Machine

Quantitative Sausage Stuffer CZPT Sausage Manufacturing Line
       Vacuum Stuffer ZKG Sequence is constantly your first choice for steady filling
jobs. Most dependable vacuum sausage stuffer with rotary vane pumps appropriate for
any-sized plants. Mix the Vacuum StufferZKG + Mech. CZPT Double
Clipper JCSK-A permits them to be ideal partner speedily tailored to a extensive range
of responsibilities in a sausage production plant.

Advantages of Sausage Stuffer ZKG:
1. Outfitted with automated casing knot tying system.
two. Suits straight-filling artificial, collagen, cellulose or linking natural casings.
three. High bodyweight accuracy, effective creation output.
4. Systematically with the clipper of numerous types, appreciate the benefit of automation
     manufacturing for your organization.
5. Straightforward to clear making use of CZPT cleansing products. Detachable handles on two sides of the
    device make the inside of the equipment easily available for any servicing perform.
6. Servicing perform is immediately displayed on display screen as it falls because of.

     The favourable inclination of the hopper partitions facilitates working day-to-day perform, as the
Lifter unit pumps the hopper completely empty aside from minimum residues. For
computerized feeding, the ZKG collection can be optional equipped with a lifting and tipping
gadget which the operator controls using the pertinent keys subsequent to the portioning

     Routine maintenance operate is immediately exhibited on monitor as it falls thanks. Vacuum Stuffer ZKG is constructed with a blend of Japan YASKAWA servo motor and Italy BONFIGILION (German) decelerator as its push program, also featuring its male-machine interface from ZheJiang , Japan Mitsubishi PLC and Germany Busch vacuum pump. Key components produced by machine middle with higher precision. All of pump, impeller and blade have are adopted the unique warmth treatment technique, highly clean surface, easily to be cleaned up.

YuanChang Food Mechanism & CZPT Co. Ltd
      Our Company was established in 1986 with a group of excellent technicians and qualified 
professionals, a leading manufacturer of meat processing machine in China.We specialized in 
producing various kinds of meat sausage processing machines with advance technology, high 
quality, durable use and excellent precision.

Our product including: 
1. Quantitative Vacuum Sausage Stuffer / Filler, 
2. CZPT Sausages Double clipper, 
3. Vacuum Bowl, Cutter Chopper, 
4. Vacuum Meat Mixer, 
five. Fumigating Smoking oven Smokehouse, 
six. Rolling & kneading CZPT/Vacuum tumbler,
seven. Brine Saline injector, 
eight. Frozen-Meat Grinder Mincer, 
9. Frozen meat loaf and Slice cutter CZPT, 
ten. Meat Tenderizer CZPT,
eleven. Lifter/Elevator, 
12. Hopper Trolley etc.

Product Quantitative 
Range (g)
Power(kw) Stuffing and  Kinking 
Speed (Instances/Min.)
Quantitative Deviation 

(minced meat) (g)

Hopper Volume(L) Voltage(v) Excess weight(Kg) Dimensions(mm) 
 ZKG-3000  6-9999  7.nine  0-600  ±2  160  380  590  1350x861x1710
 ZKG-3500  6-9999  8.35  0-600  ±2  240  380  630  2450x1180x1800
 ZKG-5000  6-9999  9.2  0-600  ±2  240  380  750   2450x1180x1800
 ZKG-7500  6-9999  10  0-600  ±2  240  380  830   2450x1180x1800

Automatic Sausage Stuffer and Sausage Linker Machine