Calcium Oxalate Disc Continuous Dryer Machine

Calcium Oxalate Disc Continuous Dryer Machine

Su li dry specialist manufacturing vacuum tray dryer device
Ongoing plate dryer operating basic principle
The damp materials is fed continually to the first drying layer on the leading of the dryer. It will be turned and stirred by rakes when the rake arm rotates and fall down to the outer edge of the big drying plate together the exponential helical line. The substance will be moved from the small drying plate to its outer edge and drop down to the outer edge of the large drying plate underneath. Equally small and big drying plates are arranged alternately so the components can go by way of the dryer continually. The heat medium can be saturated steam, sizzling drinking water or thermal oil. The heat will be led into hollow drying plates from a single end and arrive out from the other end. The dried supplies will drop from the last layer of the drying plate to the bottom of the dryer and then moved by rakes to the discharge outlet. The materials moisture will be eliminated from the exhaust outlet on the leading protect. For the vacuum-variety plate dryer, the humidity will be sucked out by the vacuum pump on the top cover. The dried components will be discharged from the base layer. The drying functionality can be enhanced if the dryer outfitted with supplementary units this kind of as finned heater, condenser for solvent retrieval, bag dust remover, return and combine system, draft supporter, and and so forth. 

Disc plate dryer functionality characteristics
(one) effortless manage and powerful applicability: 
The drying approach is optimized by changing the thickness of the materials layer, the spindle pace, the amount of cymbals, the sort and size of the blister leaf. 
Every single layer of drying plate can be heated or cooled by getting into the heat medium or the chilly medium independently. The temperature management of the material is accurate and effortless. 
The home time of the content can be specifically adjusted. 
The flow path of the materials is one and there is no again mixing phenomenon. The drying is uniform, the quality is stable, and no mixing is essential. 
(ii) simple operation and easy operation
Dryer driving and parking operations are really simple. 
Following the feed is stopped, the transport of the material scale leaves the substance in the dryer rapidly. 
By means of a special big inspection door mirror, the within of the products can be carefully cleaned and noticed. 
(3) low vitality consumption
The substance layer is thin, the spindle speed is low, and the content transfer program demands much less electricity and significantly less power intake. 
Drying with conductive warmth, higher thermal efficiency, lower energy usage. 
(four) the working setting is great, the solvent can be recovered, and the dust emission meets the needs. 
Standard pressure type: Thanks to the lower air velocity in the products and the high and low humidity distribution inside of the tools, it is tough for dust to float to the best of the tools, so the prime moisture outlet the exhaust gasoline is made up of nearly no dust. 
Closed sort: Geared up with a solvent restoration device, it can conveniently recover the natural and organic solvent contained in the CZPT gasoline. The solvent restoration system is basic and the recovery charge is substantial. For components that are flammable, explosive, toxic, and effortlessly oxidized, nitrogen can be utilised as a CZPT fuel to have out shut-circuit circulation for risk-free operation. Specially suitable for drying flammable, explosive and harmful materials. 
Vacuum sort: The disc dryer operates beneath vacuum, specially suitable for the drying of warmth-delicate materials. 
(five) effortless set up and small floor area
The entire dryer is shipped and the complete transportation is finished. It is only needed to elevate the dryer in location and the installation and positioning are really simple. 
Due to the dry disk format and vertical installation, even the dry location is massive and the ground room is small. 

Continual plate dryer specialized attributes
(a) drying plate
Layout stress: CZPTly .4mpa, up to 1.6mpa. 
Optimum use force: CZPTly ≤ 0.4mpa, up to one.6mpa. 
Heating medium: Steam, very hot drinking water, heat transfer oil, very hot water heating at 100°c, 100°c to 150°c, saturated steam or superheated steam at ≤0.4mpa, and warmth transfer oil at 150°c to 320°c. Heating, >320 °c can be employed when electrical energy, thermal oil, molten salt and other heating approaches. 
(b) content transfer program
Spindle velocity: 1 to 10 minutes, electromagnetic or frequency conversion stepless velocity regulation. 
Arm: There are 2 to 8 arm arms set to the main shaft on each drying plate. 
Leaves: Spliced on the arm, can hold in speak to with the area floating, there are several types. 
Rolling and rolling: For the components that are straightforward to agglomerate and want to be crushed, including a roll in location can strengthen the warmth transfer and drying method. 
(c) the shell has three varieties of regular strain, airtight, and vacuum. 
Atmospheric strain sort: Cylindrical or octagonal prism kind, there are two kinds of integral and break up structure. The heating medium inlet and outlet main ducts may be within or outside the house the housing. 
Shut sort: Cylindrical shell, can withstand 5kpa inside pressure, heating medium inlet and outlet primary pipeline can be in the shell, but also outside the house the shell. 
Vacuum sort: Cylindrical shell, design stress is .1mpa, heating medium inlet and outlet primary pipelines are in the shell. 
(d) air heaters
Are usually utilized with huge evaporation to improve drying effectiveness. 

Adaptation components
Dry pyrolysis combustion cooling response sublimation
Organic chemical merchandise, inorganic chemical items, drugs, foodstuff, feed, fertilizer


Type Diameter(mm) large(mm) region of dry(m3) Electricity
1200/4 1850 2608 3.3
1200/6 3571 four.9
1200/eight 3448 6.six one.five
1200/10 3868 eight.two
1200/12 4288 9.nine
1500/six 2100 3571 eight. 2.two


1500/eight 3442 10.7
1500/ten 3862 thirteen.4
1500/12 4282 sixteen.1
1500/14 4702 18.8
1500/16 5122 21.5
2200/6 2900 3262 eighteen.5 3.
2200/eight 3682 24.6
2200/10 4102 30.eight
2200/twelve 4522 36.9 four.
2200/fourteen 4942 forty
2200/16 5362 49.three 5.five
2200/eighteen 5782 fifty five.four
2200/twenty 6202 sixty one.6
2200/22 6622 sixty 7.five
2200/24 7042 73.9
2200/26 7462 eighty.
3000/eight 3800 4050 48 11
3000/ten 4650 sixty
3000/12 5250 72
3000/fourteen 5850 eighty four
3000/sixteen 6450 96
3000/18 7050 108
3000/twenty 7650 a hundred and twenty 13
3000/22 8250 132
3000/24 8850 a hundred and forty four 15
3000/26 9450 156
3000/28 10050 168
3000/30 10650 one hundred eighty


Calcium Oxalate Disc Continuous Dryer Machine