Engineering Machinery Industry Hydraulic Gear Pump

Engineering Machinery Industry Hydraulic Gear Pump


Efficiency Characteristics:

★ The housing adopts hydraulic extrusion molding technology with sturdy bearing potential.
★ Undertake high power alloy metal gears, the equipment pump has large reliability and extended provider-daily life.
★ Large energy roller bearing, increase the anti-overload and anti-air pollution functionality of gear pump.
★ The shaft extension sort: simple essential (P), rectangular spline (H), SAE spline, involute spline.
★ The vehicle-compensation unit of axial clearance ensures the substantial volumetric effectiveness.
★ A screw gap on the pump base, hassle-free for the other auxiliary features.
★ It is commonly utilized to engineering machinery sector.

Nominal Displacement
Quantity Effectiveness
Rated Max. Min. Rated Max.
CBKP50/50/40-BF** 50/50/forty

two hundred












CBKP63/forty/32-BF** sixty three/40/32
CBKP63/fifty/32-BF** 63/50/32
CBKP63/sixty three/32-BF** 63/63/32
CBKP63/63/forty-BF** sixty three/63/40
CBKP80/fifty/32-BF** eighty/50/32
CBKP80/50/50-BF** 80/fifty/fifty
CBKP80/63/32-BF** 80/sixty three/32
CBKP80/63/40-BF** eighty/sixty three/forty
CBKP80/eighty/32-BF** eighty/eighty/32
CBKP80/80/forty-BF** eighty/eighty/forty
CBKP100/63/forty-BF** a hundred/63/40
CBKP100/63/50-BF** 100/sixty three/fifty
CBKP100/eighty/32-BF** one hundred/80/32
CBKP100/eighty/forty-BF** one hundred/80/forty
CBKP100/80/63-BF** one hundred/eighty/sixty three


Engineering Machinery Industry Hydraulic Gear Pump