Large Volume Fire Extinguisher Milk Powder Filling Machine

Large Volume Fire Extinguisher Milk Powder Filling Machine

Merchandise Description:

The machine is specially employed to fill the dry powder in the fireplace extinguisher cylinder. The equipment is made to fill with cross filling in two stations.The filling device is made up of a dry powder cylinder, return the dry powder bucket, a filter, a vacuum pump, and a filling host for 2 stations.The machine can fill up about 320 hearth extinguishers in 1 hour.Filling approach has two features: swift filling and filling.When filling, the bottle mouth is sealed by the nylon with a gradient of 60 degrees. The sealing impact of the bottle mouth is quite great, and the bottle human body with poor perpendicularity can be sealed, and the filling ingredient is correct.The device is manufactured of stainless metal and can be used usually following ten a long time.


Technical specs:

Output: about 2400 items /8h.

Scope of application: 1KG – 12KG filling.

CZPT dimensions: 1500*800*1500mm.

The equipment is specially employed to fill the dry powder in the hearth extinguisher cylinder.

one.    CZPT Composition

DGS-FM-5A fillingsystem (filling pump, precision force gauge, strain minimizing valve, higher stress electromagnetic valve, electrical control part, etc.) and non-CZPT parts (weighing equipment, vacuum pump)

2. CZPT traits

DGS-FM-5A filling gear using the compressed air as power resource, driving the HFC-227ea/FM200 filling and conveying, when the transmission bodyweight reaches a specific benefit, the sensor sign is transferred to the gasoline electromagnetic valve, flip off the fuel source, pump stops doing work.


Then Connecting the  nitrogen gas supply, open the substantial-pressure nitrogen gas valve injection of nitrogen when precision force gauge demonstrates the essential nitrogen strain then shut the nitrogen valve filling completed It has the qualities of small quantity, mild excess weight, basic operation, dependable functionality. Especially appropriate for the filling of heptafluoropropane in fire fighting sector.



three .Principal parameters:


The driving source: compressed air (by CZPT two-8 bar)

Medium: HFC-227ea/FM200/Heptafluoropropane

Boost ratio: five:one

Gas source connector: quick insert 12 per cent

Output interface: ZG1/4 interior thread





4. Working Treatment


1.    Add lubricating oil to the FR.L Combination, the South with ten# or 20# mechanical oil, the northern winter with antifreeze mechanical oil or lower condensate hydraulic oil.



2,  Close the drive minimal-strain fuel valve, linked to the compressed air supply and allow stress not more than .8MPa (eight bar)it.



three,  Spot the very good empty bottle, shut the HFC-227easwitch, near the large force nitrogen switch, open the vacuum pump switch, start the vacuum pump to vacuum.


four,  When vacuum pumping is finished, shut the vacuum pump strain switch, near the unloading valve, open large force needle valve and minimal stress gasoline supply valve, the filling pump begins, observing the change of the bodyweight of the electronic scale (the established stress is reached immediately end operating), then shut the switch of HFC-227ea/FM200/Heptafluoropropane.



5,  After the completion of the HFC-227ea filling, open up nitrogen valve, observe valve ahead of the pressure gauge (force CZPT desk), by way of strain lowering valve to the wanted force (stress reducing valve following the precision pressure exhibit) by introducing nitrogen to the filling bottle



6,  After the completion of the operation, close the higher-strain valve, handbook valve and nitrogen valve



Observe:The vacuum for the one hundred eighty liter bottle will take about four minutes, filling time takes about ten minutes


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Large Volume Fire Extinguisher Milk Powder Filling Machine