LC Meter3 Inch Flowmeter M-80 with Mechanical Register

LC Meter3 Inch Flowmeter M-80 with Mechanical Register

CZPT performances:


»  Working voltage: AC 220V±20%
»  Working temperature: -20ºC~+55ºC
»  Working humidity diploma: ≤95%
»  Single totalizing rely assortment: ~999999
»  CZPT totalizing count variety:~99990000
»  Flow charge 50~2000L/minute when working with various diameter stream meter.
»  Measurement precision: ≤
»  The oil inlet flange of the Explosion-proof solenoid valve is 4 holes, Φ18/Φ125.
»  It can matches with the assortment pulsers to achieve the measurement of higher-precision big circulation.
»  It also can decide on the subsection stream fee payment and temperature compensation to increase the measurement precision.
»  It can accomplish the handle for the discretionarily refueling and preset refueling. 
»  It can match with the printer, print the transaction records.
»  CZPTally modify function of meter. 
»  Can hook up to management technique by means of conversation box.


Rotary vane pump



The pumps are commonly used on mobile applications or fixde installations. With cardan shafts or hydraulic motor the pumps can be put in on any kind of tank truck or they are coupled to electrical or diesel motor on metal bases to be employed either on terminals,hefty obligation dispensers, pumping/metering skids, mobile transfer units. Outfitted with Teflon seals the pumps can also be utilised on a extensive variety of solvents in the petrochemical business.




Gas oil supply truck, Fleet refueling, Lrbe oil, 
Aviation refuelers, Transportation of Petro CZPTs, 
gasoline, biofuels, solvents and numerous far more.


LC Meter3 Inch Flowmeter M-80 with Mechanical Register