Miniature Testing Small Scale Herb Extractor

Miniature Testing Small Scale Herb Extractor

Model DTN-100 DTN-200 DTN-300 DTN-500
Extractor quantity L a hundred 200 300 500
Warmth tube spot m2 .five one one.5 2.5
Condenser m2 1.5 three 4.5 7.five
Heat reflux functioning reflux 40 80 a hundred and twenty 200
Outline dimension L*W*H 1960*1300*2500 2160*1400*2600 2280*1500*2800 2560*1800*3000



This products is suited for extracting and concentrating the powerful ingredient from Chinese herbas and other botanical.

one. This equipment has excellent manufacture,complete collocation,straightforward procedure.It is consist of extracting tank,concentrated pot,storage tank for liquid material,condenser,oil-water separator, filter, supply pump,vacuum pump and so on. We have steam heating and electric heating,the user can work it only to have interaction the steam or electricty.

2. This products acquire extraction,vacuum focus,solvent recovery jointly and it can recognize the operation of normal temperature extraction,low temperature extraction,hot circumfluence,minimal temperature circumfluence,reduced temperature focus and important oil selection and many others.

three. The focus proportion can get over to1.4 and the temperature can be controlled among 48-100°C freely,so it is espically suited for some high heat-sensitivity content and some content is sensitive to substantial temperature.

4. This products can configure with PLC management technique in accordance to user’s demand and control the parameter for the duration of the processing to enhance the generation effectiveness and good quality.

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Miniature Testing Small Scale Herb Extractor