Neon Gas for Lighting Industry

Neon Gas for Lighting Industry

Merchandise Description

one.Neon is a exceptional atmospheric gasoline which is odorless, colorless, tasteless, nontoxic, monatomic and chemically inert. The concentration of Neon in the environment, by quantity %, is one.eight x ten-3.

2.Newradar’s large purity neon in 5N were great in income in the past year 2015 for export four hundred cylinders

   for each month . The good quality particulars as follows:


Component   Specification Concentration
NEON ninety nine.999% >99.999%
HELIUM ≤6 ppm ≤6 ppm
HYDROGEN ≤1 ppm ≤1 ppm
OXYGEN+AIR ≤1 ppm ≤1 ppm
NITROGEN ≤2 ppm ≤2 ppm
CARBON MONOXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. (CO) ≤0.five ppm ≤0.5 ppm
CARBON DIOXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.(CO2) ≤0.5 ppm ≤0.5 ppm
CH4 ≤0.five ppm ≤0.five ppm
Humidity ≤2 ppm ≤2 ppm


Actual physical CONSTANTS
CZPT name Ne
Molecular bodyweight twenty.183
Density of the fuel at 70oF (21,1o C), one atm .05215 lb/ft3, .83536 kg/ m3
Distinct gravity of the fuel at 70oF (21,1o C), 1 atm .696
Specific volume of the gas at 70oF (21,1o C), one atm 19.eighteen ft3/lb, one.197 m3/kg
Boiling level at one atm -410.9°F, -246.0°C
CZPTing stage at 1 atm -415.6°F, -248.7°C
Crucial temperature at 1 atm -379.8°F, -228.8°C
Crucial stress 384.nine psia, 26.54 bar
Essential density thirty.fifteen lb/ft3, 483 kg/m3
Triple position at 6.29 psia (.434 bar) -415.4°F, -248.6°C
Latent heat of vaporization at normal boiling position 37.08 Btu/lb, 86.three kJ/kg
Latent heat of fusion at triple level seven.fourteen Btu/lb, sixteen.6 kJ/kg
Distinct warmth of the fuel at 70oF (21,1o C), one atm Cp Cv

.twenty five Btu/(lb) (°F) one.05 kJ/(kg) (°C)

.152 Btu/(lb) (°F) .636 kJ/(kg) (°C)


one. Neon is usually utilized in signs and creates an unmistakable vibrant reddish-orange light.

two. Neon is utilized in vacuum tubes , high-voltage indicators, lights arresters,wave meter tubes,televsion    

    tubes,and helium-neon lasers.

three. Neon is employed in some plasma tube and refrigerant apps but has number of other commercial makes use of.

    It is commercially extracted by the fractional distillation of liquid air.Considering that air is the only resource, it is   

    significantly far more costly than helium.

Transport Info:

Shipping and delivery Information
Synonyms Ne
CAS Sign up Number 7440-fifty nine-seven
DOT Classification Nonflammable fuel
DOT Label Nonflammable gasoline
Transportation Canada Classification two.two
Material Identification (SI) 1046
UN Number UN 1046
Hazards Large Pressure and suffocation
Toxicity (TLV) Asphyxiant
Flammability Assortment (in air) Nonflammable fuel
Odor None

Associated CZPT

Major merchandise:
1.    Gas merchandise: Argon gasoline, helium gas, hydrogen fuel, CZPT Oxide (CO2), propane fuel, acetylene, Nitrous Oxide, LO2, LN2,LCO2. LNG, ect.
2.    All kind of substantial pressure gasoline cylinder and welded gasoline cylinders:
        Oxygen Cylinder (GB 5099/ ISO 9809-3/ DOT/ EN CZPT fuel cylinders)
        Acetylene Gasoline cylinder
        Liquid Chlorine Cylinder/ Liquid Ammonia Cylinder
three.    Liquid nitrogen containers: all varieties of liquid nitrogen containers from 2L to 50L
four.    CZPT Liquid Cylinder : 175L 195L 210L 495L capacity 
5. Liquid storage tank: 5M3, 10 M3, 20M3, thirty M3, 50M3, 100M3, 200M3, ect.
6. Fuel equipment: Vaporizer, Manifold, Gasoline filling pump, ect.

Our Firm

HangZhou Ruiming CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd is located at HangZhou, the most significant seaport in China, owns the handy delivery advantages.
        Ruiming are regarded by our buyers as providing unparalleled technological expertise & support resulting in the capability to provide expense successful and competitive remedies. We attempt for our customers to get pleasure from operating with us due to our pleasant, dependable and professional mindset in all that we do.
        This net website is designed to give you a “truly feel” for the high quality of Ruiming as a company and offer you with an overview and technological information of our solution ranges. If you can’t find what you are hunting for or would like any guidance remember to feel free to make contact with us – we will do all we can to assist you.


Packing and Shipping


Q1. What is the MOQ?
A:CZPTent items have different MOQ,Pls come to feel cost-free to speak to with me directly for your prerequisite.

Q2:What is the delievery time?
A:Relies upon on your quantity.Typically it will cost 7-10 times for preparing.

Q3:What is the bundle, storage& transportation details?
A:Package deal:Steamless metal cylinder with various valves,or as to your requirement.
Stored in shady, awesome, dry, eventilated warehouse, and maintain absent from daylight and any ramming.

Q4:What is the payment conditions?
A:30% T/T in progress, harmony towards the B/L.

Q5:How to check gas top quality?
A: Before filling the gas, the cylinder will be treated very carefully, this sort of as cleaning, drying, vacuum pumping and replscement.
Then, we will take exams each dealt with cylinder to assure them inside of purity.
Thirdly, we will consider a test for all the fuel following fill into the cylinder, to make sure the quality of the gasoline together with the tested noted.

Q6: If the cylinder recycled and can be refilled gas yet again?
A: Yes, normally the seamless steel cylinder can recycle to use for twenty many years, and also can be refill fuel once more.
But , when you requested our cylinder, you have to advise us ahead of exporting, we will manage all the import customs clearance formalities.

Q7:Why choose us?
A: CZPT delivery, Manufacturing facility price tag and soonest reply within 24 hrs.

Neon Gas for Lighting Industry