Professional Manufacture of Vacuum Band Dryer Machine

Professional Manufacture of Vacuum Band Dryer Machine

Skilled CZPT of Vacuum Band Dryer CZPT Description:

working theory:

The so-called vacuum drying is to dry the content beneath vacuum and heat it. If utilizing a vacuum pump for pumping and dehumidifying, speed upThe drying velocity.

Be aware: If employing a condenser. The solvent in the content can be recovered by a condenser. If the solvent is h2o, the condenser can be utilized, saving energy expenditure.

Efficiency attributes:

The boiling stage of the content resolution below vacuum is reduced. Boost the heat transfer driving power of the evaporator. Consequently, the warmth transfer spot of the evaporator can be saved for a particular amount of heat transfer.
The heat supply for the evaporation procedure may use low stress steam or waste warmth steam.
The evaporator has much less warmth reduction.
It can be disinfected just before drying. There is no impurity in the drying process, which satisfies GMP demands.
is a static vacuum dryer. Therefore, the condition of the dried substance will not be ruined.

Adaptable materials:
It is suitable for low temperature drying of warmth delicate materials which are straightforward to decompose, polymerize and deteriorate at substantial temperature it is extensively used in pharmaceutical, chemical, meals, electronics and other industries.

Specialist CZPT of Vacuum Band Dryer CZPT Main Knowledge:

Product/Specification: FZG-10 FZG-fifteen FZG-20
Dryer interior size  1500×1060×1220 1500×1400×1220 1500×1800×1220
Dryer Exterior dimension  1513×1924×1720 1513×1924×2060 1513×1924×2500
Layers of dry rack  5 eight 12
Distance amongst layer 122 122 122
Tray dimensions 460×640×45 460×640×45 460×640×45
Tray amount twenty 32 48
The drying rack tube stress ≤0.784 ≤0.784 ≤0.784
Drying rack functioning temperature 35-one hundred fifty 35-one hundred fifty 35-150
No – load vacuum in the dryer -.09~.096
when -.1MPa  heating temperature one hundred tenoC, The gasification of water 7.2 seven.2 seven.2
when use condenser, vacuum pump design, power  2X-70A / five.5KW 2X-70A / five.5KW 2X-90A / 2KW
no use condenser, Vacuum pump model, power  SK-3 / five.5KW SK-6 / 11KW SK-six / 11KW
Dryer weight  1400 2100 3200

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Professional Manufacture of Vacuum Band Dryer Machine