Rexon Effective Transformer Dry Air Generator for Onsite Use

Rexon Effective Transformer Dry Air Generator for Onsite Use

Rexon Effective Transformer Dry Air Generator For Onsite Use

Solution Description

Model: DAG-200

Fuel source capacity: 200M3/h
Operating stress: .six~.8Mpa
CZPT strain: .05~.5Mpa
Fuel dew point: ≤-70°C
CZPT accuracy: .01μm
Exhaust oil content: ≤0.003mg/m3
Reliable particle concentration: ≤0.01mg/ m3
Dry air temperature: 20~50°C adjustable
Function cycle: 5-30Min adjustable
Adsorbent material: Sturdy composite molecular adsorbent (from REXON)
Regeneration method: no heat automated (no heating needed)

DAG-200 solution performance indicators
Fuel dew stage: ≤-70°C
CZPT accuracy: .01μm


DAG Transformer dry air generator is widely employed in when the transformer and reactor and many others big energy tools are been installed and recondition to create the dry air. To guarantee inner insulation of electrical tools from moisture, servicing staff will not suffocate from absence of oxygen in the inner working of the device. It is far more secure, much more dependable, better inexpensive and a lot more handy than bottled fuel. When the oil filter operates in the rainy days and humid setting, gear box and oil will do the air drying to make sure boost the insulation of oil and lessen the dampness.



1. Adopts minimal force, condensation technique, with the merits of tiny dimension, light-weight excess weight, easy procedure, energy saving and trustworthiness.

two. With double screw CZPT, lower temperature condensed to water technologies, and so forth
3. Comprehensive utilization of dryer, blot device, extremely precision filter merits such as scientific combination, generate large high quality minimal dew level of the dry air.

four. The native integration design and style, compact structure and reasonable, good drying impact, minimal gasoline usage, lengthy doing work daily life, composite desiccant use effect is very good, service daily life than normal adsorbent lengthen far more than 3 times.

five. Regenerative adsorption dehydration engineering, the high accuracy coalescence dehydration, .01μm precision filters to make sure cleanliness.

Spare Areas:

CZPTs / Uk Apureda

Germany ATLAS / LEYBOLD Vacuum Pump

Other CZPTs We CZPT:

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ZheJiang Rexon Oil CZPT Co., Ltd is a major oil purifier company and oil purification technologies development firm, we specialised in planning, making, developing and offering various varieties of oil purification products this sort of as transformer oil purifier, turbine oil purifier, lube oil purifier, hydraulic oil purifier, motor oil purifier, ship oil filtration plant, employed cooking oil purifier, centrifuge oil separation purifier and all other industrial oil purification machines. We offered skilled oil remedies services and oil purifier equipment for planet-broad clients near twenty years.
We have a quantity of national-class oil purification authorities and seasoned technologies engineers, mechanical designers, and device engineers and properly skilled employees, and accountable income people as a powerful group of our REXON team.

We adhere to the concept of mutual-benefit and win-win for enterprise, with our  honest and sincere spirit, pragmatic and critical function mindset, professional and accountable faith, we might like to do our long-term dedication to all our client that we will usually make great hard work to provide you the ideal oil purifying equipment with large value functionality, higher dependability, and large clever & computerized procedure method. CZPTer price tag, CZPTer quality, and CZPTer support! Hope to cooperate with you soon and let’s open up a new oil purification period and conserving oil strength collectively.

Onsite Task

Principal CZPT for Oil Maintenance:
Lubricating Oil CZPT CZPTs:
Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier                                              Sequence TYA
CZPT Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier                           Collection TYA-A
Vacuum Lubricating Oil Regeneration Purifier                        Collection TYC
Phosphate Ester Hearth-Resistant Oil Purifier                            Series TYA-E
Explosion-Evidence Lubricating Oil Purifier                                  Collection TYA-EP
Insulating Transformer Oil CZPT:
Double-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier                      Series ZYD
Double-Stage Vacuum CZPT Insulation Oil Purifier       Series ZYD-A
Double-Stage Vacuum Insulating Oil Regeneration Purifier    Series ZYD-I
Solitary Phase Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier                        Series ZY
Multiply-Purpose Insulating Oil Regeneration Purifier             Series ZYB
Mobile Type Transformer Oil Purifier                                       Series ZYD-M
Insulation Oil Regeneration Device                                          Sequence BZ
BDV Insulating Oil Tester (Take a look at Oil Dielectric CZPT)            Series IIJ-II
On the internet Dry Air Generator for Transformer Maintenance           Series DAG
Turbine Oil Purifiers:
Rexon Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier                                           Collection TY
Rexon CZPT Turbine Oil Purifier                                      Sequence TY-A
Rexon Turbine Oil Regeneration Purifier                                   Collection TY-R
Diesel Oil, Gasoline Oil and Fuel Oil Purifier:
Coalescence-Separation Oil Purifier specially for Light Fuel Oil           Series TYB  
Transportable Oil Purifier/ Oiling CZPT                                                     Collection JL
Plate Pressure Oil Purifier                                                                     Sequence PL
Centrifugal Vacuum Oil Purifier                                                             Collection RCF
Utilized Cooking Oil, Vegetable Oil Purifier:
CZPT Metal Vacuum Cooking Oil Purifier/For Biodiesel Produce       Sequence TYA
304 CZPT Metal Vacuum Cooking Oil Purifier/For Edible Purpose   Series SYA
Oil Testers
Dielectric Transformer Oil BDV Tester                                 Collection IIJ-II

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Rexon Effective Transformer Dry Air Generator for Onsite Use